World Series Breakdown Part I: Position Players

Yorvit Torrealba-Rockies: Torrealba's main strength is the way he handles the Rockies' young pitching staff and calls games. While he has come up with some key hits in the postseason, Torrealba is a below average hitter overall.
Jason Varitek-Red Sox:  Boston's captain is an above average hitter, with 17 home runs and 68 RBIs in the regular season. He is just average defensively.
Edge: Varitek is the heart and soul of the Red Sox. That and the pop in his bat give the edge to Boston.

1st Base:
Todd Helton-Rockies: Like Varitek, Helton is the heart and soul of his team. While not the player he once was, Helton is still outstanding defensively and above average at the plate.
Kevin Youkilis-Red Sox: Youkilis is very similar to Helton. He is above average defensively and has been solid hitting second for the Red Sox with a .288 average in the regular season.
Edge: These two players are very similar, but Helton's defense gives the Rockies the edge.

2nd Base:
Kazuo Matsui-Rockies: Playing in just 104 games for the Rockies, Matsui was just average at the plate. Where he had a big impact was on the basepaths, with 32 stolen bases this season. He has also been above average defensively.
Dustin Pedroia-Red Sox: The likely AL Rookie of the Year, Pedroia hit .317 for the Sox in the regular season, striking out just 42 times in 139 games. He was also solid at second base defensively.
Edge: Because of the spark he provides for the team, the edge goes to Matsui and the Rockies.

Troy Tulowitzki-Rockies: Tulowitzki has been the catalyst for the Rockies' late season run. He hit 24 homers and drove in 99 during the regular season and played outstanding defense.
Julio Lugo-Red Sox: Lugo is above average defensively, but is easily the weakest bat of any starter in the series. Lugo hit just .237 in the regular season and .219 in the AL Playoffs.
Edge: Big advantage for the Rockies and Tulowitzki here.

3rd Base:
Garrett Atkins-Rockies: Atkins has a very good bat, with 25 home runs and 111 RBIs in the regular season. He struggles defensively, often being pulled for Jamey Carroll late in games.
Mike Lowell: Lowell had a very good year offensively, hitting .324 with 21 homers and 120 RBIs. He is also very good defensively at the hot corner.
Edge: Lowell would likely be the AL MVP if not for A-Rod's performance this season, so Boston gets the edge here.

Left Field:
Matt Holliday-Rockies: The NLCS MVP hit .340 with 36 home runs and 137 RBIs in the regular season. He has also hit four home runs in seven postseason games and has improved his defense significantly.
Manny Ramirez-Red Sox: While he has more name recognition than Holliday, Ramirez was not significantly better in 2007. He hit .296 with 20 home runs and just 88 RBIs in the regular season. He is also noted for his defense, but not in a good way.
Edge: America, get ready to meet Matt Holliday, advantage Rockies.

Center Field:
Willy Taveras-Rockies: Taveras played in just 97 games for the Rockies this season, but led the team with 33 steals. Taveras also hit .320 on the year and played a very good center field defensively.
Coco Crisp/Jacoby Ellsbury-Red Sox: Crisp and Ellsbury have platooned in center throughout September. Ellsbury has the better bat, but Crisp is very good defensively.
Edge: The edge goes to the Rockies because they won't use a platoon.

Right Field:
Brad Hawpe-Rockies: Hawpe hits far better against righties than against lefties. The Red Sox will start four righties in the series. Hawpe hit .315 with 24 homers against righties in 2007 and has a cannon for an arm in right field.
J.D. Drew-Red Sox: Drew has been a $70 million disappointment for Boston this season, hitting just .270 with 11 home runs. On the positive side, he will not be a liability defensively.
Edge: The edge easily goes to Colorado here, Hawpe has been very solid.

Ryan Spilborghs-Rockies: Spilborghs played very well as a pinch hitter and as Taveras' replacement in 2007. He had 11 home runs and 51 RBIs to go with his .299 average in 97 games in 2007.
David Ortiz-Red Sox: Ortiz was Boston's best hitter this season, hitting .332 with 35 home runs. Ortiz has also been very good in the playoffs, with 11 home runs in 47 postseason games.
Edge: Spilborghs is a good hitter, but he's no Big Papi. Boston gets the edge.

Eat. Drink. Be Merry. But the above FanPost does not necessarily reflect the attitudes, opinions, or views of Purple Row's staff (unless, of course, it's written by the staff [and even then, it still might not]).

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