A glimpse into the future

Friday Sept 3, 2027.

"...and Holliday swings..and gets a hold of one!  Deep to left field!  Smith is back! To the track! To the wall!  It's 12 rows into the bleachers, it's gone! And the Rockies have won their 5th game in row!  The 23 year old rookie left fielder, Jackson Holliday, has hit a 2 run shot, and Colorado has swept the Giants!"

Both me and my son listened intently.....

"Son of the former Colorado Rockies great Matt Holliday, the rookie Jackson has hit 24th home run of the year.  Colorado has pulled 3 & 1/2 games over idle Arizona and Portland.  Hopefully this can get the Rockies on a roll like The Stretch that occured 20 years ago..."

Another voice interrupts.....

"Has it really been that long now?  It just seems like yesterday.  Those retired numbers that are now on the walls of Coors Field: 5, 2, 17, 26, 60, 38, 56.  We as both announcers and fans certainly remember the slide, the streak, the throw, the shot.   I can remember being in this very same.........."

I turned the radio off.  My son looks up at me:  "Dad, what was The Streak?"

I looked at my son, and said:  "Son, you know those purple and white flags that say NL & World champions that we see when we go to a Rockies game?." "Yes", he said.  "The Streak, The Slide, The Shot, all of it, was the greatest pennant run in the history of the game.  It was the beginning of one of the greatest dynasties in the history of baseball.  All of those pennants and world championships, were born out of all of it."

So everyone, just remember, this is the beginning.  This run that we have witnessed, will be talked about for all time.  This run to the pennant, will be something that will be remembered as one of the greatest accomplishments in the history of the game.  It's not over for our men in purple.  We will be back to the world series, many times.  The sun has set on our 2007 season, but the 2008 sunrise is almost here, and is brighter for us than anything we can imagine.  Keep your hopes up over the winter, and March will be here sooner than we think.

Eat. Drink. Be Merry. But the above FanPost does not necessarily reflect the attitudes, opinions, or views of Purple Row's staff (unless, of course, it's written by the staff [and even then, it still might not]).

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