How would you fix the Rockies

I posted this on the Fanhome site, but there is also a very active community here on the Row that I would like to have participate on this also.

I wanted to start this diary so we can get a composite of ideas about what each person would do if they were running the Rockies team. Here are the Rules:

1) a) No trading players unless its been mentioned as a possibility in the papers (ie you can trade atkins if you want, but no one wants Finely so you can't trade him for A-Rod)
    b)  Player(s) with no trade clauses cannot be traded to or from Colorado.  Helton already stated a while back that he won't consider being moved after the season started, and until a paper or other source mentions he would consider waiving his trade clause mid-season, we have to assume he won't.

2  You can release or call up any players you want, however call-ups must be
realistic.  Don't call up Hynick because he's having a good season in single A

  1. No releasing players with a contract over 2.5 million - the amount they would  have eaten for Kim.  
  2. No going back in time... you can't take back the signings of Finely and Mabry, or Hawkins or Hampton, Neagle or who ever.
  3. I want this to be as realistic as possible, if you had the GM job as of today, what would you do.  
  4. You can add people of waivers or free agents as you want, given that the person in question would come in on a minimum contract.
  5. Feel free to move players among the farm teams as you choose as well.

Here is my responses to this:

  1. Release Finely and Mabry.  They arn't doing crap to help this team at all.  Watching the last part of the game tonight,  we have Fins and Mabry back to back.... otherwise known as Out #1 and Out #2.   They are old and have no value or future value to this ball club.
  2. Call up Barker and Spilly.  Are these two going to be much more then 4th outfielders?  Probably not,  being that they are both 26 and 27 they have probably peaked.  However they are much better options then Finely and Mabry and who knows you might catch lightning in a bottle (ala Matt Holliday when he was first called up)
  3. Adjust the bullpen to be these people, in order of importance.  
  1.  Martin was left off for a reason... he provides nothing of value for this club.  If Hurdle wants another lefty,  go after someone like Villone who might soon become available.
  2. Play Quintinia until Matsui returns.  Upon Matsui's return,  option Quintinia down because you forked over a lot of money for Carroll
  3. Play Iannetta 4 or more times a week.  Honestly... his OPS is about 100 points higher then Torrealba, there is absolutely no reason in the world why Iannetta shoudl be sitting on the bench.  None at all.
  4. Something needs to be done about the Rotation.  Buchholtz isn't that wonderful, and he's very inconsistent.  With Lopez out until who knows how long,  we should consider trading one of Hawpe, Baker or Aktins to the Halos for Pitching Help.

Eat. Drink. Be Merry. But the above FanPost does not necessarily reflect the attitudes, opinions, or views of Purple Row's staff (unless, of course, it's written by the staff [and even then, it still might not]).

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