Reflections on the Holliday trade

*****RANT WARNING*****

To me, how I feel about the Matt Holliday trade is a completely different issue from whether the Rockies got a good deal or not.

...though there is some overlap.

1) Did the Rockies get a good deal?
In short, it remains to be seen.  At first blush it looks like the Rockies are giving up a perennial All-Star for a poorman's Jeff Francis, a poorman's Brian Fuentes and a poorman's Dexter Fowler.  Too much depends on how these young players develop, what additional trades happen and any free agent signings that take place.  Everything remains to be seen ...but I'm skeptical.

2) How do I feel about the trade?
There is no quicker way to alienate a fan base than to sell/trade away fan favorite players.  Just ask the Florida Marlins' attendance numbers.

It's been a few days, but I'm still choking back the bile of contempt for the Monforts.  I'm inclined to agree with Kiszla and Donohue, in that this trade exposes Dick and Charlie Monfort in a way that never has happened before.  The Monforts have placed their profits above fielding a winning team and that makes me want to vomit and/or go buy an Eric Byrnes jersey.

The Rox only traded one year of Matt Holliday's service.  This necessarily assumes that the Rockies would not have had Holliday in 2010.  Therein lies the Monforts' telling flaw.  The Monforts were never going to make a serious effort at resigning Holliday.  It's not because he was asking for too much, and it's not because he had Scott Boras as his agent.  Holliday was only asking for what he was worth.  A below-market-value offer was made this spring, but only so that the Monforts can save face. 

The reason that ownership decided not to pay Holliday what he's worth wasn't because they couldn't afford it.  Small market teams are a myth in this age of revenue sharing.  Moreover, Rocktober generated a lot of money for the team.  Still, the Monforts didn't want to hang on to Holliday because they didn't think it would be the most profitable course of action.

The bottom line is that Dick and Charlie Monfort don't care about winning.  They care about making money.  The trade with Oakland was really just a salary dump.  Would anyone be surprised if the Monforts don't sign any big name free agents and just decide to keep that extra money?

Some people might not think that making money is such a bad thing.  I'm not trying to say that it is.  This is not some anti-capitalism rant.  All I'm saying is that Major League Baseball is the wrong forum.  If you want to be a millionaire, that's fine.  Go start a business, or invent something.  Best of luck to you.  Just don't mess with baseball.  The Monfort brothers are nothing more than greedy pimps using the National Pastime as their whore.

Additionally, in the drive to line their pockets, the Monforts are sacrificing more than just the competitive level of the team.  They are sacrificing their fan base.  Again, the Florida Marlins--a team that has had greater success than the Rox--are the prime example here.  The Fish are in a constant state of fire-sale and they struggle to get anyone to come to their games.  With the Holliday trade, the Rockies got one step closer to their fellow 1993 expansion franchise.

While I'm angry enough to write a scathing-yet-rambling post, I'm not at the point where I'm swearing off rooting for the Rox.  No, that would be an insult to the game itself.  Nevertheless, I have no misgivings about identifying myself as a former season ticket holder.

*****RANT OVER*****

Eat. Drink. Be Merry. But the above FanPost does not necessarily reflect the attitudes, opinions, or views of Purple Row's staff (unless, of course, it's written by the staff [and even then, it still might not]).

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