Some observations from in close...

I sat in behind home plate in the advance scout section for both games with an old friend.

-Need to acquire a right handed bat that is reliable next year.  Otherwise every team will be stacking lefty garbage against us.

-I think Tracy overblew the whole L/L thing way too much.  My friend and I were amazed how he left some sticks on the bench the whole series.  Basically he let the Phillies lefty situation keep some of his best players out and turned it into an A team vs a B team game.  The Rockies are hard pressed to beat the Phils straight up let alone with players benched.   He did a great job all year but when you get here you dance with the girl you came with.

-The message to Stewart, Hawpe, Smith (to a lesser extent), was I believe in Cargon but you guys stink.  I was especially intrigued by the EY2 PH in the 9th, when you had 50+ HRs on the bench.

-To play a guy like Atkins you are going to ditch and rest your future on the bench with no PA was bizarre as well.  Get him the experience.  Tracy kind of went away from things that got them there in the last 3-4 weeks.  If some guys come back, there may need to be some damage control.

-As I said in an earlier fanpost, I think the DLR injury was huge and could have ended the  season.  In retrospect it was. Phillies had no lefties to contend with. Especially Howard who is lefty horrible. The 3rd game was pivotal and we started Jason Hamel.

-Cargon has the opportunity to be a special player.  He'll need to work on his offspeed pitch approach.  But the dude can hit just about any FB throw at him in any location.

-I not sure if Street has fully recovered from his problem he had in early Sept.  He was simply did not possess the same command, location and slider in the last week or in the playoffs.

-When Ubaldo learns to change speeds and hit spots and become a pitcher rather than a thrower,  he'll dominate.  Cliff Lee gave him a couple of lessons he should chew on in the offseaon.  Economize man and get ahead early.  You cannot throw the ball by people at this level all the time.  Especially down in counts. Lose 4 MPH on the fastball but locate it.  The zinger will come in handy from time totime when he needs it.

-Morales should be traded as he has value and he has progressed nill since 2007.

-Bettancourt is a money pitcher and needs to be resigned.  I think Taylor B is your 7th inning guy next year.

-Clint Barmes is the biggest offensive enigma I have ever seen.

-Tulo needs to relax more in game ending situations.  He was way too jittery in both.

- I think there should be a rule whereby when you move to another city, you have to adopt that team.  Way too many Philly fans I told "have a nice drive to PA" said they are from here.  I think they should all go back.

Eat. Drink. Be Merry. But the above FanPost does not necessarily reflect the attitudes, opinions, or views of Purple Row's staff (unless, of course, it's written by the staff [and even then, it still might not]).

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