Friday Rockpile: Rocktober is here once again!

Rock-2-ber: Rockies in playoffs for second time in three years - The Denver Post
Reaction from fans who attended the game.

Rockies clinch playoff spot with easy 9-2 win over Brewers - The Denver Post

This is my most special moment in 33 years in baseball," Tracy said, dripping in champagne. "Nothing can match it. No way."

NL West Roundtable, Part 2: Second Half Storylines - AZ Snakepit
Remember when I participated in an NL West roundtable between the SBN NL West sites? Well, take a look at this question and answer:

Sky Kalkman (Moderator): How about ending with one bold prediction we won't hold you accountable for if you're wrong, but we'll worship at your feet for if it comes true?

Russ Oates (Purple Row): The NL West champion comes down the last three games of the season, which happen to pit the Rockies against the Dodgers in LA. The Rockies need to sweep the series to win the West, and they do. First NL West crown!

Sunday afternoon, I'll have worshippers at my feet.

Colorado Rockies GM pins success on team concept - The Denver Post
Dan O'Dowd is one part of the cog that put the Rockies in the playoffs. Would you give him a GM of the Year award?

Rockies owners' reliance on farm system proves wise - The Denver Post
"Victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan." - John F. Kennedy

More links after the jump.

Rockies Atkins part of the equation - The Denver Post
Garrett Atkins sees the writing on the wall:

"All happy," said Atkins, when asked if he had mixed emotions. "Obviously, I don't think I've got too many more games in a Rockies uniform. I'm just trying to enjoy it with these guys. . . ."

Maybe he'll find his stroke in the playoffs.

Marquis makes it to playoffs for 10th year - The Denver Post
Jason Marquis=trip to playoffs for team he's on?

Rockies' road to the playoffs looks bright - The Denver Post
Patrick Saunders looks back on 12 key moments this season.

Rocktober Is Back: Rockies Clinch Playoff Spot With Win Over Brewers - SB Nation
Hopefully you've checked out since its relaunch a few weeks ago. The story streams the editors create are great. Like the one in the above link.

Rockies getting help from everyone in playoff run - MLB News - FOX Sports on MSN
Tracy Ringolsby looks at what brought the Rockies to where they currently are. He also mentions that Don Baylor, right now, appears to be a candidate for the Orioles manager position once Dave Trembley is let go.

Big task remains on Rockies' slate | News
Title says it all.

Rockies come far to get to postseason | News
"The clincher in the Coors Field regular-season finale has an element of a cliffhanger to it. But the story has been so compelling since manager Jim Tracy took over the reins on May 29 that the only thing keeping the Rockies from celebrating long into the night was their flight to L.A."

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