Playoff times?

MLB will announce official game times later today, but a St. Louis source has both the Rockies @ Phillies games (Wed. & Thurs.) starting at 1PM MDT.   They also expect the Dodgers @ Cards to have the evening slot (Game 3) in St. Louis on Saturday, following the Phillies @ Rockies at 2PM MDT in the afternoon.   Not sure MLB will go that way on Saturday, will see.

I believe the starting times for the games on Wednesday & Thursday are expected to be staggered out as follows (Central time, all divison series games and NLCS games on TBS):

Wednesday: 2:00, 5:30, & 9:00 (+ or - a half hour)
Thursday: 2:00, 5:30, & 9:00 ( + or - a half hour)

It is expected that games 1 & 2 of the NLDS will be played on these days, game 1 of the TBA/Yankees series will be Wednesday, & game 1 of the Red Sox/Angels series will be on Thursday.

Keep this in mind. The matchups & locations for Wednesday & Thursday are

Wednesday: Cards @ Dodgers, TBA @ Yankees, & Rockies @ Phillies
Thursday: Cards @ Dodgers, Red Sox @ Angels, & Rockies @ Phillies

That's one west coast game on Wednesday, and two on Thursday. You know that the Yankees game is going to be on "prime time" on Wednesday. Therefore, my guess would be this:
2:00 Rockies @ Phillies Gm 1
5:30 Min/Det @ Yankees Gm 1
9:00 Cards @ Dodgers Gm 1

2:00 Rockies @ Phillies Gm 2
5:30 Red Sox @ Angels Gm 1
9:00 Cards @ Dodgers Gm 2

and going a couple days further:

Friday (probably 3:00 & 7:00 game times)
3:00 Min/Det @ Yankees Gm 2
7:00 Red Sox @ Angels Gm 2

Saturday (again, probably 3:00 & 7:00 game times)
3:00 Phillies @ Rockies Gm 3
7:00 Dodgers @ Cards Gm 3

Anything beyond that is a guess because it depends on what series have gone beyond 3 games. In fact, what I have so far is nothing more than a guess, but I think it's a pretty "good" guess knowing the trends we've seen with New York & LA teams getting most of the "prime time" games.

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