Monday Rockpile: Rockies seek the correct postseason roster

Rockies fall to Dodgers in finale, turn attention to familiar playoff foe - The Denver Post
Yesterday was a loss, but Wednesday is the start of a whole new season.

Inside the Colorado Rockies " Rocks Starters Set for Games 1, 2 | Major League Baseball in Denver
Ubaldo Jimenez in game one; Aaron Cook in game two; and after that? Also, some notes on who is heading to the instructional league during the playoffs.

Paige: Rockies' first postseason score to remember: 11 to 3 - The Denver Post
Woody Paige identifies the 11 players the Rockies need to record three victories over the Phillies.

In the Playoffs, Colorado Rockies :
David Pinto at Baseball Musings previews the Rockies for the playoffs.

It's wait and see for De La Rosa - The Denver Post
Tick-tock, tick-tock.

Slumping Morales "ready" for Phillies - The Denver Post
If we do watch Franklin Morales pitch, it better not be like his outing in game 2 of the 2007 NLDS . . . you know, because we don't have Kazuo Matsui to hit a grand slam.

Rockies' Marquis starts slowly, then pitches well enough to get postseason consideration - The Denver Post
Jasin Marquis, WINNAR.

It's official: Rockies set a franchise record for whiffs - The Denver Post
The Rockies struck out a record number of times this season, breaking the previous record by 69.

Jimenez returns to playoffs even better | News
This being his second trip to the playoffs, Ubaldo Jimenez looks for big things. But not to have the lights go out at any stadium this time.

Pressure? Street doesn't believe it exists | News
"Huston Street believes that pressure is all in the mind. Though the Rockies' closer expects things to get hot when he faces the Phillies in the NLDS, the postseason veteran is ready to rock."

Rox-Phils pits past two pennant-winners | News
A preview of the last two NL champions. Prospects: Ask BA
In his latest entry, Jim Callis predicts the Rockies to play in the NLCS against the Cardinals. St. Louis wins and goes on to lose to the Yankees.

Callis provides the 2010 draft order. The Rockies have the 26th pick. And in another question, the mechanics of the draft prior to 2005 are explained. See, before that year the AL and the NL alternated the first pick of the draft. In 2006 the Rockies would have had the first selection, and Greg Reynolds would be up there with Matt Bush for a dubious distinction.

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