Rockies best single game pitching performance?

What has been the Rockies greatest single game pitching performance?

Ok, ok, ok, pitching, Coors Field, Mile High, altitude.  Words not commonly associated with good things for pitchers.  After several days of scouring over mountains, piles, pages, rows, columns, so many numbers that my head still hurts.  I have compiled a list of the best single game pitching performances by the Rockies and am asking for your help in determining the top spot.

I want your help to go through year to year starting in 1993, vote for one each year, and to create a final list that has the best for each year, and vote on one final game.  Please take into account change from Mile High to Coors in 1995, and the humidor post 2002.  Feel free to vote on one of these or if it not listed, vote other and list the game and any of your comments below.

Today we start with the 1993 games.  What say you Rockies fans?  The nominees for 1993 are:

1.  April 15, 1993 Mets @ Rockies.  David Nied pitches Colorado's first complete game. W 5-3.
Nied: 9 IP. 6 H. 2 ER. 0 BB. 6 K.

2.  April 27, 1993 Cubs @ Rockies.  Butch Henry defeats the Cubs. W 11-2.
Henry: 9 IP. 9 H. 2 ER. 1 BB. 5 K.

3.  April 30, 1993 Rockies @ Marlins.  Armando Reynoso gets his first win as a Rockie. W 6-2.
Reynoso: 9 IP. 6 H. 1 ER. 2 BB. 4 K.

4.  May 31, 1993 Pirates @ Rockies.  Reynoso beats the Pirates, two unearned runs prevent a shutout.  W 6-2.
Reynoso: 9 IP. 9 H. 0 ER. 2 BB. 5 K.

5.  June 26, 1993 Rockies @ Giants.  Still more Reynoso.  W 5-1.
Reynoso: 9 IP. 7 H. 1 ER. 2 BB. 8 K.

6.  August 10, 1993 Rockies @ Dodgers.  Ken Bottenfield beats the Dodgers.  W 4-2.
Bottenfield: 9 IP. 7 H. 2 ER. 2 BB. 2 K.

7.  August 12, 1993 Rockies @ Dodgers.  Willie Blair beats the Dodgers. W 4-1.
Blair: 9 IP. 7 H. 1 ER. 1 BB. 4 K.

8.  August 29, 1993 Rockies @ Mets.  Lance Painter almost gets a shutout.  W 6-1.
Painter: 9 IP. 5 H. 1 ER. 0 BB. 2 K.

All 1993 games can be found here:
1993 pitching logs.

And the 1993 best pitching performance is.........?

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