Tuesday Rockpile: Arms around the world, Ubaldo Jimenez takes on two big roles

Jack Etkin

A lot is riding on the arms of Rockies at the WBC these days.  Ubaldo Jimenez will pitch to today in an attempt to exact revenge on The Netherlands.  A loss means the Dominican Republic will be eliminated and Ubaldo can come "home."  Jason Grilli matched his MLB career record in saves yesterday alone, as he pitched a ten out save in an upset over Canada. Our northern neighbors are now eliminated. 

Jason Grilli

#49 / Pitcher / Colorado Rockies





Nov 11, 1976

Manny Corpas will return to Arizona in a couple days after Panama was eliminated.  He gave up one run in two innings.

Esmil Rogers, Luis A. Gonzalez, Chris Frey and Wilin Rosario were the first to be re-assigned to minor league camp.  None ever posed a threat to make the team.

Etkin reflects on the future of the Rockie' rotation, effectively stating that Franklin Morales, Jhoulys Chacin and Christian Friedrich all have the talent to fill be front of the rotation starters.


Troy Renck

Todd Helton enjoyed his first day hitting in 2009 Sunday, he kept right on going through the off day.  Helton doubled and singled off Jason Marquis, and Ian Stewart homered off Huston Street in an intra-squad game.  It's hard to know if this is a great thing or a bad thing.

Ubaldo Jimenez may be a young up-and-coming pitcher, but he's already a role model for the Rockies' young Latin arms.   This is exactly what the Rockies front office needs - a trail blazer for the likes of Franklin Morales, Samuel Deduno, Jhoulys Chacin and maybe even Juan Morillo.

Rolando Fernandez, Rockies' director of international operations"We have never had another kid like Ubaldo.  He's a role model, someone we can always point to."

Glenallen Hill is attempting to sprinkle a little humor amongst the hard work happening in Tucson.  The Rockies spent their off-day trying on their acting skills, creating unique (or classic) home run trots.

MLB Network

The infant network featured the Rockies yesterday in their 30 Teams in 30 Days campaign.  If you missed it, as I did, the video will be available here, likely later this evening.


What's on Tap

It's reunion time as the Rockies will face the Oakland Hollidays Athletics at 2MDT at Hi Corbett Field

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