April Schedule Wallpaper - Get Ready to be Guinea Pigs!

So I've had this bad boy about 98% finished since April 6th, but being the over-thinking perfectionist that I am I decided to keep it back for a while to make some final adjustments (long-time wallpaper users will remember that it was that same over-thinking perfectionism that kept me from releasing a September wallpaper last year).  Well, those final adjustments just kept getting put off in favor of such things as 10 page papers, double shifts at work, and having to redesign my apartment complex's website (which actually looks quite nice, if I say so myself).  So finally, I just got fed up with myself and decided that I was going to post it; so after a bit of use of the Smudge tool to get that 98% to 100%, here it is!

Now when I say "guinea pigs", I mean it.  What do you think of my calendar?  It's very different, yes, but with good reason.  Here are some features:

  • All the games are now grouped into series, with all the info you need for each game.
  • Each game box is either grey or white to designate away or home respectively (like our uniforms).
  • The script used for each team is the script that the team will be seeing during that series (so "Dodgers" when the team plays in LA, and "Los Angeles" when the Dodgers come to Coors).
  • Pictures of the stadiums included to further denote home/away (since the colors on the boxes can run together a bit).

The new calendar is the major part of this new wallpaper, and is what I'll be focusing on mostly.  I realize that Tulo has a bit of a weird outline going on, and that the team logo coupled with Squeaky's sign is a bit forced.  However, I'd really like to iron out the kinks in the new calendar before next month, and then once I have that down, expand from there.

So that's where you come into play...comments!  What do you think of the calendar?  Is it useable?  Pretty?  Useable and pretty?  Tell me what to fix for May!

I am rather proud of the way the new Purple Row logo turned out, however, so don't bash that one :P .

As always, if you would like a funky resolution just leave a comment and I'll get one made for you.  The links will take a while to download (though not as long as last season, since these are now .PNG files rather than .BMP, meaning the files are about half as big with very negligible loss in quality); if you have any issues downloading let me know.

Thanks for being patient with me, everyone - the last month of school is always a hectic one for me (and especially since it's the first month of baseball, my mind always gets pulled in two different directions).  And, of course, Go Rockies!  Maybe they just needed some new computer wallpaper to help snap out of this recent funk.




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Eat. Drink. Be Merry. But the above FanPost does not necessarily reflect the attitudes, opinions, or views of Purple Row's staff (unless, of course, it's written by the staff [and even then, it still might not]).

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