Top Ten Minor League Parks to Groupies/Food Night Life

Someone asked me this the other day so I thought I would share.  Now understand this is pre 1984, so times were different.  Now I apoligize if this is politically incorrect or offends the younger generation. This is from personal experience:

1.  Clearwater (FSL):  Number one and none is even close.  All the girls were pretty and looking for a future star to latch unto.  The place was near a pristine beach and provided great party atmosphere during the day when waiting to play at night.  Played many a night game after downing a couple of beach drinks. The rest of the Gulf side stunk though.

2.  Pompano Beach (FSL years ago and home park):  Pretty and rich girls.  Not in the Clearwater class.  The ballpark sucked but the female fans were great.

3.  Old Durham Park (Carolina League at the time).  Nice southern ladies at the time, great old park in Bull Durham.  You might see my bloodstains on the CF wall if you can blow it up.  Face first on long fly from Brad Komminsk. The park was always nearly full and the mystique was great.

4.  Bluefield (SAL)  Great place make sure all the teeth were accounted for though.  Some really great BBQ.

5.  Ft. Lauderdale (FSL) Enuff said.  Played an MLB spring game here and took Ron Guidry deep with Dave Winfield simply turning and watching it go.  Has to make the list.

6.  Midland (TexL):  See one above.   Texas ladies with a twang and a two step boogie.  All yearned to escape from the oil fields.

7.  Shreveport (TexL)  Great food, polite ladies and anyplace that serves gumbo in the clubhouse has to make the list.

8.  Tulsa (TexL and home park)  Other than the heat, this place was great.  You hoped that the homestands would not last too long though.  They had a sirloin snadwich in the clubhouse that ruled.  Ladies were above average.

9.  El Paso (TexL)  I used to love and be able to eat Mexican food when I was younger (now I cannot).  This place had greatr food and plenty of chicas.

10. Miami FSLL:  Yes itr was a minor league towm back in the days but the O's played there in the Spring and so did their high A club.  Cuban cigars, great rum, cuban food, and the smell of the cigars floating in the OF was great.  Ladies pretty good as well.



Eat. Drink. Be Merry. But the above FanPost does not necessarily reflect the attitudes, opinions, or views of Purple Row's staff (unless, of course, it's written by the staff [and even then, it still might not]).

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