How I would fix the Rockies....Randy-style

I am a new poster but have been a regular visitor here since sometime in 2006. First of all, a little about me. My name is Randy. I am almost 28 and from Wyoming. I’ve been a Rockies fan since their inception back in 1993 and feel that every year I have become a bigger Rockies fan. I haven’t been to a Rockies game since Game 3 of the 2007 World Series (and don’t really care to see another one for the time-being until changes are made!) I’ll try to post my thoughts on things every day but probably won’t in the game threads as I like to keep my focus on watching the game so we’ll see how it goes.

Now enough about me. I thoughly enjoyed reading the article that Rox Girl wrote a couple days ago titled "A Treatise on the Sufferings Wrought by the Rockies on Rox Girl and a Manifesto of what has to be changed." Well Done Rox Girl! Now I wrote this long post in the comments of that article, but decided to make it a FanPost because it is long and hopefully more readers will see it since that article was written a few days ago. This is also to go along with Jabberwocky's Fixing the Rockies in Twelve Easy Steps" which I thought was well done and I have a lot of the same ideas. Now I’ve been thinking about this a lot and what I’ve come up with will probably not make them a contender in 2009, but what I think will help them in salary relief, helping to continually build up some of the Rockies' minor league teams, and help them to be more competitive in the next few years. Something to remember when reading this is that I’m not going to go into what I think should happen after this season, but what I think should happen in the next couple months. So with that in mind, here’s how I would fix the Rockies (in order):

1. Start Ian Stewart at 3B every day, sending Garrett Atkins to the bench.
2. Start Seth Smith in LF mostly every day, sending Ryan Spilborghs to the bench.
3. Fire the manager Clint Hurdle and the pitching coach Bob Apodaca. Promote Jim Tracy to manager, hire Jim Colborn as his pitching coach, and hire a bench coach (Vinny Castilla?). Colborn was his pitching coach from 2000-2007 with the Dodgers and the Pirates. I’m not sure if he would be available, but that would be my pick.
4. Stay consistant with the line-up! Yes you’ll have to give days off to players once in a while, but for the most part, keep the same players on the field and in the same batting order.
5. Either fire or extend a contract to Dan O’Dowd. (I prefer to fire him, but I agree with Rox Girl in her previously mentioned article where she said that a general manager that’s worrying about his job security will always lean to make moves that have more immediate benefit, and sometimes this won’t be in the best interest of the franchise at that level of decision making.) If fire, hire a new one ASAP!
6. When Ryan Speier is ready to return from the DL, reinstate him and demote Manuel Corpas to AAA.
7. When Franklin Morales is ready to return from the DL, reinstate him and move Jason Hammel to the bullpen as the long-man and release Matt Belisle.
8. When Matt Daley is ready to return from the DL, reinstate him and demote either Randy Flores or Joel Peralta to AAA (whichever is not performing like they should).
9. Release/trade Omar Quintanilla and recall Jonathan Herrera.
10. Draft the best players available, not who you think you can sign or who fits the organization’s needs. This has been a problem in recent years!
11. When Jeff Baker is ready to return from the DL, release or trade him.
12. When Taylor Buchholtz is ready to return from the DL, reinstate him (making him the set-up man) and demote either Randy Flores or Joel Peralta (whichever is left from the Daley reinstatement).
13. Work on trading Garrett Atkins, Jason Marquis, Brad Hawpe, Clint Barmes, and Yorvit Torrealba. Replace Atkins with Christian Colonel; Marquis with Jason Hirsh; Hawpe with Carlos Gonzalez (making him the everyday rightfielder); Barmes with Eric Young Jr. (making him the everyday second baseman); Torrealba with Sal Fasano.

Therefore, my roster would look like this:
CF – Dexter Fowler (S)
SS – Troy Tulowitzki
1B – Todd Helton (L)
3B – Ian Stewart (L)
C – Chris Iannetta
LF – Seth Smith (L)
RF – Carlos Gonzalez (L)
2B – Eric Young Jr. (S)

C – Sal Fasano
UI (2B/SS) – Jonathan Herrera (S)
UI (1B/3B) – Christian Colonel
UO – Ryan Spilborghs
UO – Matt Murton

SP1 – Aaron Cook
SP2 – Ubaldo Jimenez
SP3 – Jorge de la Rosa (L)
SP4 – Jason Hirsh
SP5 – Franklin Morales (L)

LR – Jason Hammel
RP – Ryan Speier
RP – Matt Daley
RP – Alan Embree (L)
RP – Jason Grilli
SU – Taylor Buchholtz
CL – Huston Street

I think there are 6 players that are untouchable – just this roster that I have constructed, not the minors. Those are Iannetta, Tulowitzki, Stewart, Fowler, Jimenez, and Morales. I would also say that there are 3 players that are pretty close to untouchable to me in Gonzalez, Young, and Buchholtz.

Eat. Drink. Be Merry. But the above FanPost does not necessarily reflect the attitudes, opinions, or views of Purple Row's staff (unless, of course, it's written by the staff [and even then, it still might not]).

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