Rockies 8, Mets 5: Hammel Shuts Down Mets, Santana Gets Shut Down

(for those not sure what this is about, you may want to read this thread first)

Not even a 51 minute rain delay in the 4th inning could slow down the Hammel train tonight as he dominated the hapless Mets lineup through 7 2/3 innings.  After allowing only 4 hits until the 7th, Jason finally showed signs of wear as he allowed 3 in that frame, including a 2-RBI double by Angel Pagan.  Solid bullpen work thereafter by Chacin, Betancourt, and Street with Daley providing an 8-pitch, 2 hit, 1 earned run hiccup in the 8th.

A solid outing by the Rockies offense as well, with the big power provided by the bat of Garrett Atkins.  His grand slam in the 3rd put the Rockies up 5-1, and a two-run shot in the next inning by Brad Hawpe would put the game away for good.  After that, the Mets wouldn't sniff a win expectancy over 10% until the 8th inning.

Check after the jump for more WE/WPA goodness, the fangraph, the RowCall, and tomorrow's action.

Atkins was definitely the WPA hero for the Rockies tonight garnering a 0.2929 for his efforts.  Two of our biggest bats, Helton and Iannetta, were mysteriously silent last night (Helton's late-game single didn't really impact his WPA that much since the game was already basically in hand).  On the Mets side, the big winner was (surprisingly enough) Alex Cora with a WPA of 0.1164.  Jeff Francoeur was the single biggest WPA loser of the night (-0.112) except for Mr. Pat Misch who gave up the Atkins salami and received a -0.4112 for it.  Here's how the rest of the team faired (and yes, these are all real WPA numbers, as is the FanGraph and everything else).

Rockies Pitchers:

Betancourt: 0.0822
Street: 0.0342
Hammel: 0.0223
Chacin: 0.0081
Daley: -0.0941

Rockies Hitters:

Atkins: 0.2929
Fowler: 0.1218
Hawpe: 0.0941
Tulowitzki: 0.045
Hammel: 0.0215
Stewart: 0.0028
Barmes: 0.0019
Spilborghs: -0.0199
Helton: -0.0264
Iannetta: -0.0764

Mets Pitchers:

Green: 0.0089
Dessens: 0.0068
Santana: -0.0518
Misch: -0.4112

Mets Hitters:

Cora: 0.1164
Pagan: 0.0505
Castillo: 0.0383
Murphy: 0.037
Reed: 0.0198
Sullivan: 0.0148
Dessens: 0.0013
Tatis: -0.0022
Misch: -0.0313
Santos: -0.0379
Wright: -0.042
Francoeur: -0.112




RowCall: RockiesMagicNumber, Rockie4Ever, holly96, GoRockies!!, Poseidon's Fist, brian8065, Redhawk, ShadowPenguin, WolfMarauder, theoldgrizzlybear, Russ, TuLoRocks2008, Charlie77, BlakeBomber

Tomorrow: The Rockies and Mets play this game for real!  Go Rockies!

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