Tulo's Flu Infects Entire Club: Giants 6, Rockies 3

This was not the finest hour for the Colorado Rockies. In a very big game for both teams, the Rockies fell flat, losing to the Giants by a score of 6-3. Colorado's hopes of winning the game took a hit when it was revealed that Troy Tulowitzki was out with flu-like symptoms--symptoms that apparently affected all facets of the game for the Rockies. Colorado was anemic offensively, shaky defensively (three errors committed), and worst of all, Aaron Cook (10-6) was ineffective and left the game in the fourth inning with a shoulder injury that will likely land him on the DL.

Aaron Rowand provided the big blow for the Giants with a three run shot in the fourth off of Josh Fogg to make it 6-1. The Rockies were plagued by the strikeout yet again, going down ten times in the game (two each by Atkins, Hawpe, Iannetta, Barmes, and Stewart). All in all, not a good game.

On the positive side, Dexter Fowler reached base all five times he appeared at the plate, Seth Smith hit a solo home run (the offense was there against the San Francisco bullpen), and Adam Eaton wan't horrible. So we've got that going for us, which is nice.

With the loss the Rockies' Wild Card lead was cut to one, and with the Dodgers winning, the division deficit will likely be 4.5 games.

Box Score

68 - 54


Lost 1



via www.fangraphs.com  

Defenders of the Hall: Dexter Fowler (.138), Seth Smith (.016),, Adam Eaton (.012)
Suckiest Sucks Who Ever Did Suck: Aaron Cook (net -.187), Josh Fogg (-.111), Ryan Spilborghs (-.089)


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