Rockies 6, Giants 4: Ryan Spilborghs hits walkoff grand slam in the 14th

I don't believe what I just saw!

Forget whatever you thought about home plate umpire Angel Campos. Forget what you said after Adam Eaton gave up three runs in the top of the 14th.

Remember the bottom of the 14th inning. Dexter Fowler walks after hitting a ball off his knee. Barmes makes his usual out. Chris Iannetta remains dreamy by coming in with a pinch-hit single. Troy Tulowitzki walks. Bases loaded for the pitcher Adam Eaton. Surely this was going to end the game. But with Justin Miller in, anything can happen--and it did. Eaton didn't swing the bat. Walk, RBI. 4-2. Bases loaded for Ryan Spilborghs; Merkin Valdez comes in.




That's a beautiful image.

I love this team, and all of you!

71 - 54


Won 3


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