San Francisco "name calling"

Best Game ever, Rockies Rule!  (Just needed to say that). 

I now live in the Bay area but have remain a Rockies fan and hope to get tickets to this Friday's game.

There is an old saying that you judge the greatness of a warrior (the Rockies) not by the number of his friends but the ferocity of their enemy.  The Giants battled us tooth and claw for four games and deserve our respect.  This is a team on the rise.  Thanks Giants for a great fight.  See you in three days.

Living in the Bay Area and an avid sports fan, I read the local newpapers and listen to the local sports radio on the way to and from work.  This is the land of sad-sacks and sore-losers as far as the fanbase goes.  The local media really feeds their pity party.  The Giant's kool-aid gets pretty thick here. 

The latest binge is that the Rockies cheat!   Yes, the Rockies "as an organization" are cheaters. 

Three examples, one that I can link to:

1. The Giants TV/Radio announcers began questioning the radar gun readings during Sunday's game, saying that the Rockies were purposely subtracting 4-5 miles per hour from Lincecum and not Jimenez. ( If they are, then it doesn't impact play, just gets into someone's head).  They went on the draw a direct line to the humidor saying that the balls seem to have a little more life for the Rockies (even though the Giants out homered us this series 7 to 5) and questioned whether there shouldn't be an independent third party overseeing the process.  If the Rockies are willing to mess with the radar gun, can they be trusted with the baseballs?

2.  Dave Fleming, one of the Giant announcers, appeared on the Monday radio pregame for the Giant's flagship station.  During the interview he reiterated the radar gun to humidor connection and went on, I will paraphrase, that the Rockies have a "history of being interested in this type of activity" but did not eloborate on what that history was beyond the radar gun and his unsubstantiated humidor accusation.

3.  A popular Giants beat writer called it "gamesmanship" complaining about the same thing.  He passes along an AZ beat reporter's reference to a PitchFX chart that shows a higher max and average velocity than his scientific reference to the "88-90" range of the Coors Field reading.  He continues on in the next paragraph, as a continuation of the "natural" extension of the radar argument to infer, and again I paraphrase "if they will mess with the gun, makes you wonder about the humidor". 

It is one thing for the fans to mouth off about conspiracy theories, but you expect the media to behave better and not spread unsubstantiated innuendo.   I will be emailing Dave Fleming today to have him elaborate on the Rockies' history.  He may have just been "giving a good interview" and did not really mean it. 

Given the natural disadvantages that requires them to use a humidor, I would rather the Rockies not "mess" with the radar gun readings (if they are in fact doing it) or have Dinger standing behing the plate during the opposing pitcher's half inning.  It is not only cheap but it leads to these types of connections being made. 

Of course I also heard on the way into work this morning about Tulo's poor sportsmanship (calling out the ump about the insult to Yorvit), Apodaca being a cry baby (complaining about the everchanging strike zone) and Spilsborghs' insulting helmet toss "at the Giants as they tried to leave the field".   Typical bitchin' after a tough loss.

As a team, I respect the Giants and don't count them out this year.  We go into their house on this weekend for three more that may decide the season.

I expect alot of hoofin' about how the balls are the same for each team.  And will watch the radar gun readings to see if they try to return the "favor" to Ubaldo.

We need to stay focused on the task at hand meaning beating the Dodgers and winning the division.  But come Friday, expect some fireworks in the media and on the field!!

Eat. Drink. Be Merry. But the above FanPost does not necessarily reflect the attitudes, opinions, or views of Purple Row's staff (unless, of course, it's written by the staff [and even then, it still might not]).

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