Rockies Anagrams

I saw this over at Gaslamp Ball and decided to do a list for the best anagrams for the Rockies extended 40 man roster and a couple of others.


Joe Beimel: Jibe Ole Me
Matt Belisle: Battle Slime, Beams Little, Battle Limes, Lime Battles 
Rafael Betancourt: A Untraceable Fort, A Tabernacle To Fur, A Fatal Nub Erector
Taylor Buchholz: Oozy Thrall Chub 
Jhoulys Chacin: Launch Icy Josh  
Jose Contreras: Racoon Jesters, Arson Ejectors, A Coroner Jests  
Aaron Cook: Racoon Oak 
Manuel Corpas: Scapular Omen, Upscale Manor, Cola Superman, Larcenous Map
 Matt Daley: Tad Tamely   
Jorge De La Rosa: Goads Oral Jeer  
Samuel Deduno: Unleaded Sumo, A Model Unused  
Alan Embree: Abler Enema  
Randy Flores: Frond Slayer, Yarn Folders    
Joshua Fogg: Sofa Hog Jug   
Jeff Francis: Fans Rec Jiff 
Jason Hammel: Manholes Jam  
 Matt Herges: Get Hamster, Math Egrets, That Merges, Grams Teeth  
Ubaldo Jimenez: Ideal Jumbo Zen, A Jumbo Deli Zen    
Shane Lindsay: Dash Insanely, Island Hyenas, Inn Has Delays  
Jason Marquis: Nor Quasi Jams
Franklin Morales: Rankles Informal, Llama Fork Sinner   
Joel Peralta: Eat Rap Jello 
Gregory Reynolds: Nerdy Oglers Orgy  
Juan Rincon: Can Join Run  
Esmil Rogers: Silo Mergers  
Greg Smith: Triggers Oh My, Gym Goer Shirt   
Huston Street: Hetero Stunts, Snout Tethers, Honest Truest, Shortest Tune


Chris Iannetta: Hits Incarnate, Anthracite Sin, Ethnic Artisan, Stanch Inertia, Intact Hernias   
Paul Phillips: Apish Lip Pull   
Yorvit Torrealba: Lavatory Orbiter, Abortive Oral Try, Verbal Traitor Yo 


Garrett Atkins: Streaking Tart, Giant Star Trek   
Clint Barmes: Cab Minstrel 
Jason Giambi: Baa Jingoism  
Hector Gomez: Tech Germ Zoo   
Todd Helton: Tend To Hold  
Mike McCoy: Cocky Mime  
Chris Nelson: Loch Sinners 
Omar Quintanilla: Antiquarian Moll, Tan Animal Liquor 
Ian Stewart: Write Satan, Awaits Rent, Wet Tsarina, Waiter's Tan
Troy Tulowitzki: Ouzo Kitty Twirl


Dexter Fowler: Trowed Reflex 
Carlos Gonzalez: Go Rascal Nozzle  
Brad Hawpe: A Drab Phew  
Matt Murton: Mutt Matron 
Seth Smith: Them [Redacted], The Smiths 
Ryan Spilborghs: Sporing Brashly
Eric Young: You Cringe


Daniel O'Dowd: I Downloaded
Jim Tracy: My Jar Tic
Clint Hurdle: Chilled Runt

Eat. Drink. Be Merry. But the above FanPost does not necessarily reflect the attitudes, opinions, or views of Purple Row's staff (unless, of course, it's written by the staff [and even then, it still might not]).

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