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I posted this to last night's recap and with some recommendations I place it in a FP for general consumption.

They need to be more agreessive at the plate.

how many first pitch FBs down the middle taken for strike one to be followed by secondary pitches chased. Last week I went to the game with an advance scout of an NL playoff team and old friend from my playing days. He was working on the playoff dossiere.

Some notes from him after several beers and reliving the glory of places like Pompano Beach and Tulsa:

- The book on the Rockies is to get the first pitch over and then they will chase anything close thereafter.

-The majority of the Rockies hitters have been pounded into patience and taking pitches but this strategy is errant on the road away from Coors. Notice the volume of off speed seen tonite. Offspeeds at sea level they break more pronounced especially on the West Coast in the heavy air. Rockies are very vulnerable to off speed after extended homestands, especially in the first two-three games of a series.

-Pitchers will use this tendacy to slow down the offense attack. The only solution is to start expecting and connecting with 1st pitch FBs down the middle.

-Several noted chasers were identified:

Hawpe, Barmes, Stewart, Gonzalez, Ianneta, Fowler, Atkins. Hawpe he was extremely disappointed in. He thought Hawpe had figured it out this year and has now subsequently forgotten the things that worked for him. A interesting tidbit was that he felt Hawpe should hit 3rd behind the runners and get more FBs. He felt Helton could hit anywhere.

-They also mentioned that Smith should be thrown offspeed at all costs as he may be one of the best FB hitters in the game right now. No book on Helton as his zone is keen and he will not chase. GIambi was also given high praise for his approach at the plate and his ability to mesh in a new role. Yorvit should be fed all breaking stuff and is an excellent mistake FB hitter especially up above the hands.

-Another observation of note. He felt the Rocks did Fowler a disservice by bypassing AAA and felt he should have played there all year until August. Reason, not physically strong enough yet.

-The team is very bizarre in that it slumps and explodes together.

-Finally, another interesting observation that RoxGirl will love. Atkins has played the last two years completely out of shape and has cost himself millions in the process. Apparently word in MLB circles is he is lazy beyond reason. Word is his agent is putting him on a strict diet and regiment with a personal trainer after this season which could lure someone to take a flier.

Eat. Drink. Be Merry. But the above FanPost does not necessarily reflect the attitudes, opinions, or views of Purple Row's staff (unless, of course, it's written by the staff [and even then, it still might not]).

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