Purple Row Fantasy League End of August Standings

Sorry this is a day late, but the standings were not overly affected by the delay. Here are the April, June, and July standings should you be interested.

With one month left in the season, there's still time to make a move, but that window is quickly closing. Innings and games played limits will start to come into play as you try to maximize your team's production in the final month of the season.

If someone from the other PR league that I'm not the commissioner of wants to post their standings in the comments, feel free.

To all participants: discuss your strategy for climbing to the top in the season's final month! 

Purple Row Roto

1. EV Bombers: 95
2. Jabberwocky: 89
3. Resolution: 82
4. Jrockies Diggers: 80
4. TheAudacityofHawpe: 80
6. Rocktober 2009: 75
7. TulosGolden: 58
8. U'ballers: 57
9. Blurn's Ball AllStar: 54.5
10. UbaldoTryHairBThere: 45
11. Mkorpal: 44.5
12. FlyAway: 19

Comments: As we enter September, the EV Bombers have retained their lead (it was briefly mine, but a day in which I lost six points has put that out of reach for now) with only my team within striking distance. TheAudacityofHawpe had the best month, gaining 11 points, while FlyAway lost 7.5 points to a record low 19. They seem pretty secure in their chase for the draft rights of Bryce Harper.

Purple Row H2H

1. Jabberwocky 128-71-11 .636 -
2. Pioneer Sky Sox .605 6.5 GB
3. Think Inside the Rox .590 9.5
4. High Heat!!! .543 19.5
5. Springfield Isotopes .543 19.5
6. TuloAllDay .507 27
7. Arsenio Billingham .467 35.5
8. NukeLaLoosh Allstars .464 36
9. Magyarország .426 44
10. Humidor Heros .421 45
11. Manny the Unsignable .417 46
12. Too Low It's Ski .381 53.5

Comments: Three teams remain in serious contention, with the rest off the pace. The teams who had the best month were the High Heat (up .043) and TuloAllDay (up .026), while Magyarország (down .065) and the NukeLaLoosh Allstars (down .020) were not so fortunate. 

Top August Hitter: Matt Kemp
Top August Pitcher: CC Sabathia

Eat. Drink. Be Merry. But the above FanPost does not necessarily reflect the attitudes, opinions, or views of Purple Row's staff (unless, of course, it's written by the staff [and even then, it still might not]).

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