Sunday Rockpile: Once again, the Rockies rely on De La Rosa


Last night I went to the symphony instead of watching the game. It was a boring, uninspired performance, including some new work by an Estonian guy that dragged on forever and had me wanting to scratch my eyes out, or at least go Van Gogh on my ears by the end of it. After looking at PF's recap, I think I made a good call of entertainment choice. 

At any rate, Jorge De La Rosa is once again needed today to push the Rockies magic number down to a level we can count on one standard non-Antonio Alfonseca hand.


There is a perception around the league that all of the Rockies get hot and cold together and that's why they're prone to stretches where they can't win followed by stretches that they can't lose. While there's a little truth to that, those of us that follow the team closely know that there are slumps within the machine even while it's working well, as well as hot players churning along even when it's not. For June through August, the formula for offensive success from the Rockies was add three hot players to Troy Tulowitzki and then hope to hide the failings of the cold guys. 



In the month of June, the Rockies rode the bats of Tulowitzki, Brad Hawpe and Todd Helton, as well as getting some power from Ian Stewart plus strong hitting from Seth Smith and Garrett Atkins mostly off the bench. In July it was Tulo, Helton and Stewart again, Smith did well while getting more starts and Carlos Gonzalez and Dexter Fowler started heating up. In the month of August, CarGo and Dex really took off and carried the team with Tulowitzki as Helton and Stewart started fading. The problem with September thus far has been while Smith, Gonzalez and Tulowitzki have been alright (when CarGo's been playing, that is) and Jason Giambi's been sensational off the bench, there haven't been consistent run producing threats in the lineup otherwise. Helton's looking very tired. Torrealba's getting a lot of hits, but they've almost all been singles, which has been great for loading the pond, but not bringing the ducks back in. Stewart has as many runs and almost as many RBI as Yorvit with sixteen fewer AB's.

Hawpe is flailing and Fowler's .243/.300/.270 line has been Willy Taveras-esque. So if Barmes stays hot for the rest of the season, or even just looks like a normal big leaguer, this could help the Rockies get back to that level of four or so guys carrying the offensive load.


Denver Post



I haven't read the article yet, but I agree with the headline.

This article I have read, and LaRussa seems whiny. 

Means he a HOF lock, right? :)


Day (and late nights) in life of playoff race. Another one that I'll have to read after brunch.

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