Saturday Rockpile: Competition for Victor Martinez

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Orioles Insider: Predict the free agent most likely to sign with the Orioles - Baltimore Orioles: Schedule, news, analysis and opinion on baseball at Camden Yards -
Dan Connolly of the Baltimore Sun expects the Orioles to go hard after Victor Martinez, while a couple of members of the staff - including Curt Schilling - believe that he will re-sign with the Red Sox. I would hope that the Rockies expect to be long shots in the race to sign V-Mart and are developing a backup plan. That would probably be a smart idea, as the Rox can't compete with Boston financially at this point, while the O's are desperately looking to make improvements to their team and may throw more money at him than Dan O'Dowd, the Monforts, and company will be able to handle. While there are some other free agent options out there (such as Lance Berkman, who in my mind is a switch-hitting Todd Helton without the chronic back problem). There may be opportunities for a trade somewhere out there, such as the previously-discussed Michael Cuddyer. Here is a nicely-detailed list of free agent first basemen for your reference when discussing ridiculous contract/trade proposals, etc.

Rockies offseason preview: Second base | Inside the Colorado Rockies
ITR's Steve Foster goes in-depth in previewing the conundrum the Rockies appear to have at second base going into the offseason. It is very much in doubt who will be the go-to guy heading into 2011, though it looks as if Eric Young Jr. has a leg up on the competition (Jonathan Herrera, Chris Nelson). Clint Barmes could return, but would definitely have to do so at a large discount. He should not be starting anywhere, and most certainly won't be for the Rockies if he comes back.


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Food, Ian? Really? How about you try posting about something that mat...


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