Rockies Add Rosario, Pacheco, Weathers, Billings, Riordan to Roster

With the Reserves Deadline tomorrow, teams around the league are choosing whom to protect from the Rule 5 Draft coming up on December 9th. The Rockies have added PuRPs C Wilin Rosario, C Jordan Pacheco, relievers Bruce Billings and Casey Weathers to the active roster. They also added starter Cory Riordan, who just missed the PuRPs list this last voting round.

Troy Renck had the story via Twitter

Jack Etkin of Inside the Rockies has a detailed report.

With these five players added, the 40 man Roster now sits at 37 players, giving us room to participate in the Rule 5 Draft should we so choose, though the Rockies have tended to avoid that in past years.

Notable players who remain eligible to be drafted away from us include starters Keith Weiser and Alan Johnson (as well as Greg Smith who remained in Rockies control during free agent declaration), relievers Craig Baker, Andy Graham, Sean Jarrett and Andrew Johnston, and position players Mike Paulk, Warren Schaeffer and Brian Rike. Of these names, only Weiser had a real shot of being protected.

Check after the jump for a complete list of eligible Rule 5 draftees in the Rockies organization.





RHP Jonnathan Aristil
OF Scott Beerer
LHP Jimmy Gobble
IF Jason van Kooten


Class of 2005
RHP Brad Corley
LHP Brandon Durden
OF Chris Frey
RHP Kyle Hancock
RHP Alan Johnson
RHP Andrew Johnston
IF Radames Nazario
IF Mike Paulk
LHP Greg Smith
RHP Josh Sullivan

Class of 2006
RHP Craig Baker
OF David Christensen
RHP Leuris Gomez
C Jose Gonzalez
RHP Andy Graham
RHP William Harris
RHP Sean Jarrett
IF Jeff Kindel
RHP Michael Marbry
IF Carlos Martinez
IF Matt Repec
OF Leonardo Reyes
OF Scott Robinson
OF Orlando Sandoval
RHP Rafael Suarez
LHP Jonathan Vargas
IF Helder Velazquez
LHP Keith Weiser

Class of 2007
C Johnny Bowden
C Lars Davis
RHP Marco Duarte
LHP Kenneth Durst
IF Darin Holcomb
RHP Sheng-An Kuo
RHP Vianney Mayo
OF Michael Mitchell
OF Brian Rike
IF Warren Schaeffer
C Beau Seabury

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