Thursday Rockpile: The Phillies time may be now, but they're going sour faster than you might think

So I'm having some issues this morning deciding what to write about, not because I lack options (well, sort of, the direct options for the Rockies are seemingly limited to discussing Ryan Spilborghs' batting music and how important Chris Iannetta is to the team in 2010) but because I'm just not sure where I want to go with this. So, here's what's on my Google Chrome Tabs this morning:



No one in the NL - not the Cardinals, Dodgers, Rockies or Braves - did enough to chase down the Phillies.


88, 85, 89, 92, 93. Those are the win totals for the Phillies over the last five seasons.


  • 2005: 30.0/29.7
  • 2006: 29.3/30.5
  • 2007: 28.8/30.6,
  • 2008: 30.1/30.6,
  • 2009: 31.3/31.2.


Those are the average ages of the Phillies batters/pitchers over those five seasons. The Phillies are a pretty good team, but they are also at or near their peak already, and there's a "Best if used by" date to baseball talent that Philadelphia's approaching with a good portion of their core. 

67, 76, 90, 74, 92.

For comparison, these are the same numbers of the Rockies.


  • 2005: 27.2/27.3
  • 2006: 27.8/28.8
  • 2007: 27.9/28.1
  • 2008: 27.5/28.5
  • 2009: 27.8/28.5

So, despite Tim Brown's needling that more should have been done,  the Rockies stance should be continued patience in 2010 as far as being the best in the NL is concerned. The team still hasn't approached its peak and is still maturing. This should be a lot easier to sell now that they're actually competitive and playoff worthy anyway. 




Alright, and then there were the aforelinked (this seriously needs to be a new word) DP pages and a tab for that's probably considerably less relevant for you guys than it is for me. At any rate, there we go. Rockpile complete.

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