Friday Rockpile: Final spot in Rockies bullpen down to three candidates; Ryan Spilborghs answers fan mail

Three bid for last spot in Rockies' relief corps - The Denver Post
After yesterday, the final spot in the bullpen is open to three guys: lefty Joe Beimel and righties Tim Redding and Justin Speier. Beimel just signed so the only work he has gotten in is a live batting practice session; Redding pitches tomorrow to help his case, though it's a good bet that he still wants to be in someone's rotation; Speier's done well for himself this spring, but he'd need to stretch himself out for more than an inning an appearance.

Also of note is that Jay Payton and Paul Lo Duca both would accept a move to the minors if they don't make the majors, and prospect Darin Holcomb has experienced back problems, which may lead to a stint on the DL.

Spilborghs: Rockies embracing championship attitude - The Denver Post
"In this installment of 'Fan Mail,' Rockies outfielder Ryan Spilborghs talks with fans about walk-up songs, mischief vs. slapstick and why the Rox will be special this year."

Actually, Spilly won't reveal his walk-up song because he doesn't want to spoil it. It's like reading the end of the book before you actually get there, he responds. But I do that all the time. I read the first few pages and then go to the last paragraph of the book.

The Baseball Analysts: Most Impvoved PITCHf/x Pitches of 2009
Who had the most improved breaking ball in 2009? Ubaldo Jimenez, of course!

Tangotiger is asking you to fill out a survey for your favorite team on how the playing time will be divvied up this season. The Rockies have only six entries as of now.

Giants Extend Closer Brian Wilson - SB Nation
Two days ago, the Giants signed Jeremy Affeldt to an extension. Yesterday, closer Brian Wilson agreed to a new contract with the Giants. No details have been released yet, but it probably goes into the first couple of years of free agency.

Thoughts on Danny Duffy | FanGraphs Baseball
R.J. Anderson provides some thoughts on Danny Duffy, the minor leaguer who decided to hang it up after being a third round pick in 2007.

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