Spring Training Game #4: Chris Narveson vs. Tim Redding

The Rockies begin their last season in Tucson with their Spring Training home opener today against a split squad of the Milwaukee Brewers. We finally get to see Tim Redding don a Rockies uniform. Hopefully we don't see Redding do anything comparable to his action in the photo to the side of this. Am I already complaing about Redding too much? I did that quite a bit with Josh Fogg over 2006 and 2007. But Redding's depth for the rotation at this point. Oh well, we'll find someone else to have a problem with as time goes by. 

Tim Redding

#44 / Pitcher / Colorado Rockies





Feb 12, 1978

Yeah, maybe we'll get a new picture of Redding later on this season.

Anyway, his opponent is Chris Narveson.

Chris Narveson

#38 / Pitcher / Milwaukee Brewers





Dec 20, 1981

Narveson, for those who don't remember was in the Rockies' farm system for a brief period. As part of the deal that sent Larry Walker to the Cardinals in 2004, Narveson and Jason Burch went west to Denver. Narveson made four starts for Tulsa in 2004, but at the end of March 2005 he was sent with Charles Johnson to the Red Sox for Byung-Hyun Kim. Eventually, BK Kim turned into Jorge Julio in May 2007.

And just to continue this history lesson. Burch stayed with the Rockies through the end of the 2006 season, reacing Double-A Tulsa. In January 2007, Burch and fellow reliever Jim Miller headed east to Baltimore in exchange for Rodrigo "I couldn't win Rox Girl's bet with Jim from the Snakepit" Lopez.

Gameday Link

Lineup from Troy Renck:

1. Dexter Fowler, CF

2. Paul LoDuca, 1B

3. Ryan Spilborghs, RF

4. Troy Tulowitzki, SS

5. Melvin Mora, LF

6. Clint Barmes, 2B

7. Paul Phillips, C

8. Darin Holcomb, 3B

9. Tim Redding, P


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