Know Your Foe #3: Those, uh, Amazin', yeah, Amazin' Mets attempt to climb the Rockies

NOTE: By the time this posts, I'll be on a trip to Delaware and Philadelphia. I'll be back for the Wednesday night game.

New York Mets (2-4, last in NL East)

Rockies' 2009 record against Mets: 3-4

Tuesday-Thursday: 3-game series @ Coors Field

The Mets enter this series having dropped both of their first two series this season. The Metropolitans won the first game of each series against the Marlins and Nationals, but poor pitching did the Mets in during the other four games.

Probable Pitching Matchups

Tuesday, 13 April 2010: John Maine (0-0) vs. Greg Smith

John Maine used 92 pitches to get through five innings in his first of the season. He allowed four runs over five innings on eight hits and a walk. Two of those runs were homers by Jorge Cantu and Hanley Ramirez.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010: Jon Niese (0-1) vs. Aaron Cook

Jon Niese took the 1-3 loss to the Marlins on Friday, having surrendered three runs in six innings. The Rockies faced Niese last year at Citi Field, and he took the loss in the second game of the double header on July 30.

Thursday, 15 April 2010: Oliver Perez (0-1) vs. Jorge De La Rosa (1-0)

Guess who drove in all four runs against Oliver Perez in his first start of the season? HINT #1: The Mets played the Nationals. HINT #2: The guy is a former Rockie. No, the answer is not Jason Marquis; rather, it was WIlly Taveras who did it on a two-run triple and a two-run single. Good times, Oliver, good times.

Expected Lineup


SS Jose Reyes 0.250 0.400 0.375 0.775 0.125 0.400 0.360
2B Luis Castillo 0.167 0.267 0.167 0.433 0.000 0.154 0.230
3B David Wright 0.263 0.481 0.474 0.955 0.211 0.286 0.449
1B Mike Jacobs 0.133 0.188 0.333 0.521 0.200 0.100 0.228
LF Jason Bay 0.261 0.370 0.391 0.762 0.130 0.375 0.329
CF Gary Matthews Jr. 0.143 0.333 0.214 0.548 0.071 0.200 0.277
RF Jeff Francoeur 0.476 0.538 1.000 1.538 0.524 0.444 0.610
C Rod Barajas 0.238 0.227 0.571 0.799 0.333 0.158 0.324



OF Angel Pagan 0.308 0.357 0.308 0.665 0.000 0.364 0.324
1B Fernando Tatis 0.273 0.333 0.273 0.606 0.000 0.375 0.283
2B/SS Alex Cora 0.200 0.304 0.300 0.604 0.100 0.200 0.281

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