Rockies 4, Nationals 6: Nationals vote on cloture to end Rockies comeback

Seriously, I want to say something about that poor third inning Jason Hammel and the defense had (Giambi not making a play that Helton possibly could have and Barmes kicking the ball), on Carlos Gonzalez's four hits, Troy Tulowitzki's two hits, and Brad Hawpe's solo homer. There was even excitement in the ninth when Ian Stewart entered the batter's box as a pinch-hitter with Brad Hawpe and Troy Tulowitzki on first and second, respectively. Well, that is until the umpire rang Stewart up on a pitch that looked quite low.

But what grates me the most was that Rob Dibble is in the booth for the Nationals. He kept WOO-ing and celebrating inappropriately for a broadcaster. Totally took me out of the game.

All right, moving along. Jason Hammel actually had a pretty strong start outside of the third inning when four runs scored on a double, a single, and a botched defensive play by Clint Barmes. He went seven innings and struck out six. He threw 117 pitches, 72 for strikes. Rafael Betancourt didn't provide effective relief as he allowed two runs, one on a double and the other on a sacrifice fly.

7 - 8


Lost 1


The Rockies look to split the series with the Nats tomorrow in an afternoon game.



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