Leading off: CarGo's explosive start

You have got to love the red hot start that Carlos Gonzalez has had to open the season. His .533 batting average through the first 3 games has him among the National League leaders, currently sitting 3rd. While his early success definitely isn't a surprise to Rockies fans as we know exactly what type of ballplayer CarGo is, I'm still impressed with such production coming from our leadoff spot. We have had some very talented leadoff hitters before, but none of them brought what Gonzalez brings to the table.

Since Gonzalez has come out of the blocks faster than Usain Bolt, I thought it would be fun to take a quick look at how his 3 game start stacks up to the first 3 games of each of our other opening day leadoff hitters. Of course, 3 games is such a small sample size this exercise is purely for entertainment and not intended to be a statistical comparison. Rather, the intent here is to celebrate Carlos Gonzalez as our new leadoff man while taking a stroll down memory lane regarding our previous 1 hole hitters. 


Join me after the jump to see how our Opening Day leadoff hitters fared throughout their 1st 3 games of each season.




Rank      Name               Year          AB           R          H         RBI         Ave    

1          C Gonzalez         2010         15            4           8           2          .533 

2          A Miles               2005         14            4           7           1          .500

T3        E Young             1993         12            4           5           2          .416

T3        E Young             2000         12            4           5           2          .416

5          J Pierre               2001         11            4           4           1          .363

6          R Belliard           2003         14            2           5           4          .357

7          D Hamilton        1999          12           1            4           1          .333

8          L Gonzalez         2004          13           1            4           3          .307

9         W Weiss            1996           10           2            3           1          .300

T10     W Weiss             1995          15            2            4           3         .266

T10      M Lansing          1998           15           1             4           0         .266

12        E Young             1997           12           0             3           0         .250

13        W Weiss            1994           14           1             3           1         .214

T14      W Taveras          2008          12            0            2           1         .166

T14      R Spilborghs       2009           12           1             2           0        .166

16        J Pierre              2002           13            2             2           0        .153

17        C Sullivan          2006           10            0             1           0        .100

18        W Taveras         2007           12            3             1           0        .083


CarGo has had the best 3 game start of a season out of the leadoff spot in Rockies Franchise history in regards to batting average. Sure it is only 3 games but it is still impressive and hopefully this is a glimpse of what's to come for us throughout 2010 and beyond.


If Tracy decides to keep Gonzalez as the table setter for the entire season we just might be witnessing the greatest single season batting performance for a leadoff man in Rockies history. In any case, Gonzalez sure makes losing Holliday bearable. Throw in a solid closer (come back soon Street!) and a starting pitcher and Rockies fans are saying Matt who?

Eat. Drink. Be Merry. But the above FanPost does not necessarily reflect the attitudes, opinions, or views of Purple Row's staff (unless, of course, it's written by the staff [and even then, it still might not]).

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