Rockies Betta Bust a Move

Inspired by today's game thread:


if you want to contend...gotta make a move

by mattss on May 30, 2010 3:57 PM MDT up reply actions  

______________________________________________________________________________________________ don't know why i felt the urge to do this, but

if you want to contend…gotta make bust a move

"Good pitching will beat good hitting any time, and vice versa." ~Bob Veale
"I hope this game isn't horrible. Because if it is, we're going to have to wait until tomorrow to see the
Rockies win." ~5-yo
"Sometimes you're the windshield, and sometimes you're the bug."~Mitch Williams


by Rox the Casbah on May 30, 2010 3:59 PM MDT up reply actions  


So, with a shoutout to SDcat09 (who had the same thought I did) and apologies to Young MC...

Rockies - Bust a Move!


This here’s a jam for you Rockies fellas,
tryin to do what the Rowbots tell us,
don’t lose games cause you’re over-zealous,

Play hard to get the other teams jealous.

OK, CarGo, doesn’t run largo,

Makes powa hittas say “where’d my HR go?”

Sometimes the bat LAZOR could be a bit better

When you swing and you miss like you was Dexter.

Who is next up?  That’d be Dex up,

Bad switch hittin’ but the glove’s all sexed up

Helton starts walkin’, the pitcher starts gawkin’,

Tulo comes up, and now we’re talkin’.

Don’t swing Tulo, first pitch too low,

And those pitchers, they know you don’t do low

As Tulo goes, so goes the Rox groove,

So come on, Tulo, bust a move.


Just bust a move.


You boys are on a mission,

And you’re wishin’, someone could cure your offense condition.

Guys in the lineup in all the wrong places

Hittin’ bombs before loading bases.

From frustration, first inclination

Is to bounce the starter and leave the situation

But every dark tunnel has a light, I hope,

So don’t hang yourself with a long-relief rope.

Now Hawpe gets a shot, what a cannon he’s got,

Looks like an All-Star when the bat gets hot.

Next comes Olivo to start a new show,

Walks or DINGERZ are his M.O.

Then Stew says hello, he’s not mellow,

Lots of K’s or bombs from this fine fellow.

Here’s an opportunity we just can’t lose,

If you want runs, Ian, bust a move.


You want it, you got it

        (Just bust a move.)

You want it, baby you got it.


In the field, Barmes won’t yield,

You ground it to the right and your fate is sealed

Then up to the bat, and if he won’t K,

He’ll pop up or ground into a double play.

Bench is rakin’, goodness sakin’,

Smith and Spilly hittin’ and Giambi’s takin’

But when there’s little contact and balls don’t go far

Then you’ve got no offense.  And there you are.

Rotation’s hurtin’, not realistic

Up comes Chacin and he’s opportunistic

Pitching some gems and making a name,

And making Jason Hammel step up his game.

Francis back and looking good so far,

Ubaldo’s steady, a rising star.

We’re building a rotation with something to prove,

So come on, starters, bust a move.


You want it, you got it

        (Just bust a move.)

You want it, baby you got it.


Pen’s not humble, ready for a rumble,

Even if the roles are all in a jumble

With Street gone for eight weeks, and then for more,

The closer’s job was a revolving door.

Frankie fails, Corpas is NAILZ,

Betancourt locks it or runs off the rails,

We’re glad Joe Beimel came back to town

With Johnny Cash and God to cut ‘em down.

Now comes the test, are we really the best?

Rox were predicted to win in the West

But after some injuries and various setbacks

We’re holding it down till all our guys get back.

Still we’re above .500 in June,

Our playoff season records weren’t this good this soon,

But you gotta win a lot more than you lose,

If you wanna contend, boys, bust a move!


Just bust a move.


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