Rockies 2010 Draft Signing Diary (now updated)

I'm going to do it a little bit different this year and instead of just a straight list, categorize the picks according to their current likelihood to sign. This post will be continually updated as information arises, so if you don't see a draft pick listed, it's because I haven't gotten to them yet.


Parker was asked repeatedly if football even figures into the equation at this point, and he sounded like someone who really wants to just try baseball.

"It's tough to say, but the biggest thing is I came to college and wanted to play a professional sport," Parker said. "If I ended up focusing on just one, I would be happy. I pretty much just have to sit down and figure all of that out."

"(Christian Friedrich) called me and congratulated me and talked to me a little bit," Langfels said. "He's really excited and I'm really excited. I feel really comfortable knowing that I can talk to someone who has been through system."
  • Ryan Casteel (17) -  as linked here.
  • Juan Perez (18)
  • Blake McDade (20) "I'm definitely going to sign"
  • Mark Tracy (22)
  • Bruce Kern (23)
  • Christian Bergman (24)
  • Kenneth Roberts (25)
  • Blake Keitzman (27)
  • Robert Brewer (31)
  • Jordan Ballard (34)



Did not sign (to the best of our knowledge):


  • Hommy Rosado (11) anonymous message board chatter that has a ring of truth to it says that he purportedly turned down a $600,000 bonus offer, as he's seeking seven digits. He'd be smart to sign for that, given his scouting reports, I hope he comes to his senses. UPDATE: Rosado's still mulling it over and it's seeming more likely that he accepts the Rockies offer at this point.


Note: Keep in mind that almost all of these "uncertain picks" as summer DFE's are actually a lot closer to unlikely signings than they are to likely, and barring any unforeseen leaps forward will all eventually be shifted into that category as the summer progresses.

  • Chris Giovinazzo (21) - the junior outfielder at UCLA spent his season on the bench, and the 21st round might not be what he had in mind if he thinks a year of starting will improve his position.
  • Tony Rizzotti (28) - this article is very encouraging, but as it indicates, Rizzotti's likely somebody we're going to have to wait until the Aug. 15 deadline to know for certain.
  • Marco Gonzales (29) - as with Rizzotti, the Rockies are doing a summer DFE with him and will wait and see how he looks before deciding to make an offer.
  • Jimmie Koch (36) - I'm assuming he'll go into the unlikely category soon, but the Florida Tech coach hasn't convinced me, and barring more certain news, I'll leave him in the summer DFE (draft, follow and evaluate) category. Indeed, another report says that's exactly where he is. Koch will begin summer ball in another week or so after recovering from injury.
  • Ben Mordini (41)
  • Thomas Pereira (42)
  • Keith Barlow (43)
  • Kyle Richter (44)
  • Mike Benjamin (45)
  • Mitch Horacek (46)
  • Landon Appling (47) - Another summer DFE that would seemingly much rather play professionally than go to the University of Houston:

"If they tell me to go, I'll go," Appling said. "We'll see how it goes. I can always play baseball at Houston like I had planned to do."

  • Evan Thomas (49)
  • James Dykstra (50)

Unlikely to sign:

  • Ryan Eades (19) - LSU commit, I haven't seen anything to indicate he's thinking about going pro. These two articles indicate he's planning on pitching for LSU. Apparently he's back up to his 91/92 mph velocity after surgery. I hope we sign him just for the pie in the face of the Dodgers aspect of getting one of LSU's big three pitching recruits.
  • Jacob Tanis (26) - his coach lays it out

"I feel like he's going to be a Mercer Bear," said Gibson, who hadn't talked to Tanis as of early Tuesday evening. "The (27th) round, there's room for improvement. And it's like I told him, he's part of a great program, he's helped us win a championship, our team's going to be better next year.
"Everything's in his favor to come back."

"I basically slipped down in the draft," he said. "They (the Rockies) wanted to draft me for a certain amount, and I stood firm on how much I wanted. I guess my standing firm caused me to drop in the draft."

Dan Kickham, on the other hand, is expected to wind up at MSU --barring a surprisingly early selection.

"A lot of things have changed recently. We put out a number. It was pretty big and might turn some people off. We're pretty much saying, ‘Unless you want to give me this number, which is a lot, I'm probably going to Vanderbilt.'"


  • Hunter Greenwood (48) - possibly would have signed if he was selected before the 25th round according to this article, now he's not expecting to get enough of a signing bonus to sway him from his scholarship to Sacramento State



Finally, an interesting story about a player we didn't draft, but might have had he agreed to the terms we were offering. San Francisco's Stepen Yarrow turned down $75,000 plus money to finish college in order to stay in school. Another player we learn after the fact that the Rockies were interested in is Dodgers pick, Steve Domecus.

Eat. Drink. Be Merry. But the above FanPost does not necessarily reflect the attitudes, opinions, or views of Purple Row's staff (unless, of course, it's written by the staff [and even then, it still might not]).

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