Back. To. Basics.

In this post, I'll explore why I think the Rockies are failing at this point.  This may mean nothing to a lot of you, read if you please, but I feel like it makes too much sense.  In fact, as writing this, I saw something that reenforces my point.


The Rockies need to get back to basics.  There are things being done at every level that shows me the Rockies are trying to CREATE things, not let things happen.  The back to basics is an old adage that may have become cliche, but cliches are created for a reason.  Let me explore some of these issues.


From a managerial level, this issue is the biggest to me.  I do not believe Jim Tracy is a good manager, but I do believe he is a good clubhouse leader.  

- Play your best players, drop the platoons.  If Seth Smith was considered one of the best pure hitters in the organization by DOD and Hurdle just 2 years ago, why doesn't he get to hit against lefties?

- If a player has played at a certain position his whole career, play him there.  This doesn't seem that hard to figure out.  We are known around baseball as having a crazy deep outfield.  Why are we playing a journeyman 3B in left?

-Baseball players are creatures of habit.  This is why superstition is one of the coolest off-field stories that baseball produces.  Play the same line-up.  Every day.  Swap 1 guy out at max everyday.  It's hard to get into a rhythm with anything when you can't get consistent opportunities.  Especially if the pitches you see change per spot in the line-up, this is huge.

The players, especially the hitters, need to shape up as well.  Pitchers have a bit going as well, but I believe this pitching lull has to do with them trying to turn every game into a shut out.  

-Batters are FAR TOO PATIENT.  See a pitch you like, swing at it.  I don't care if it's the first pitch, especially in a offensive slump like this.  

 -What I saw that really showcased my point was the 1st inning at bats by Giambi and Spilly during the Monday morning game against the Phillies.  Both Spilly and Giambi not only swung at the first pitch, but both of them went with the pitch and went the OTHER WAY.  When was the last time you saw back to back hits to the opposite field from this team?  Really though.  This team is pull heavy, which I also thing is why they struggle with the breaking pitches.  Stewart, who ended that inning on a double play, should have been benched immediately.  The two guys ahead of him go with a pitch and go the other way.  He gets the same pitch, and rolls over on it, double play.  

-I also believe the pull heavy nature of this team is a mix of Don Baylor, but also the outrageous use of righty/lefty platoons.  The way ball breaks from lefties to lefties is much different than lefties to righties.  The L/R match-ups are much more prone to pulling the ball, and if this how players are getting most of their at-bats, pull heavy is created.


I am not as smart as some of the people on this website, but I do believe this team is doing all the wrong things right now, and it goes from top to bottom.  Agree or disagree, I do believe I raise some good discussion points.

Eat. Drink. Be Merry. But the above FanPost does not necessarily reflect the attitudes, opinions, or views of Purple Row's staff (unless, of course, it's written by the staff [and even then, it still might not]).

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