Rockies 6, Mets 2 - Melvin Freaking Mora hit a Grand Slam

Freakin'. A.

I don't know what else to say about this. Well, I always have something else to say, but we could conceivably just leave the title as it is and just post the fangraph.

But I'll go ahead and keep talking.

The Rockies overcame a 1st inning deficit of 2 runs to take the stunning lead in the 8th inning on that Melvin Mora grand slam. Seriously, a grand slam. I can't stop saying it.

Other things that were good about this game include mostly Jeff Francis' 6 inning, 2-run appearance. Yes, he did give up that 2-run shot, but past that, he allowed just 1 hit, 1 walk, no more runs, and struck out 5. That's a good start. It reminds me that Jeff Francis makes me happy.

Here are some other fun numbers:

Melvin Mora, 2-for-4, .674 WPA

Troy Tulowitzki, 2-for-4, .076 WPA

Todd Helton, 2-for-4, .017 WPA


Here are some not fun numbers:

Chris Iannetta, 1-for-3, -0.70 WPA

Clint Barmes, 1-for-4, -0.74 WPA

Dexter Fowler, 0-for-5, -0.92 WPA


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