Five killer blown-lead losses that ruined Rox 2010 playoff chances

To this die-hard Colorado Rockies fan, the far too many blown-lead losses after Rockies rallies this year ultimately proved to be the team's doom in 2010 (i.e. no playoffs).  The five games that miserably stood out to me, at least in a momentum-killing/negative vibes sense. …

1) April 18 (Road) vs. Atlanta:  Lost 4-3

You could say the bad karma for Colorado on the road in 2010 all got started in the bottom of the 9th of this mid-April game in Atlanta when a double play was completed for the 27th out and a 3-2 Rockies win.  But no, the 1st base umpire inexplicably called runner Troy Glaus safe (an obvious out watching live and on all replays).  The Braves went on to load the bases and rookie Jason Heyward hit a 2-out groundball single to left off Franklin Morales for a 4-3 Atlanta win.  The blown call cost the Rockies a 2-1 series win against the Braves and eventually cost a 4-3 winning record on their first extended road trip.  Who could have known that at least thru August the Rockies would yet to have a winning road trip on their entire 2010 docket?

2) April 28 (Home) vs. Arizona: Lost 12-11.

This was early in the season against a weak team, but sickening and foreboding nonetheless. Rockies fall behind 6-0 after top of the 1st, but rally bigtime in the next few innings to take an 11-6 lead after 4th. Looks like they have the game in the bag with a big offensive show. But Arizona gradually rallies to tie it at 11-11 after 8th, then scores one in top of 10th to win 12-11. Only one disheartening loss early, but it did cost the Rox a winning homestand (went 3-3) and resulted in a 2-1 series loss to the lowly D-Backs.

3) July 11 (Home) vs. San Diego: Lost 9-7.

Colorado was red hot with an 8-1 homestand running and a chance to tie the Padres for 1st place in division in the last game before AS break.  Rockies fall behind 3-0 early, but rally to take a 6-3 lead after 6th inning. Then in the 8th, with Rox leading 6-5, Padres have the bases loaded with 1 out and hit a comebacker to pitcher Matt Belisle. Easy DP to end the inning, but Belisle throws wild to home and 2 runs score for a 7-6 Padres lead. SD goes on to win 9-7.  There's no telling how costly this game and Belisle's error was to the rest of the Rockies season.  Had Colorado held on to the lead and won, they would have swept the series with San Diego and had tremendous momentum going into AS break.  But including this loss, the Rockies went 2-12 in their next 14 games.

4) July 19 (Road) vs. Florida: Lost 9-8

Despite having Ubaldo Jimenez going in his first game since AS break, Rockies found themselves trailing 7-4 after 7 innings.  Then a magnificent rally in top of the 8th--homer by Ian Stewart and a 3-run jack from Jon Herrera of all people--gave the Rox an 8-7 lead that held up going into the bottom of the 9th.  Huston Street retired the first two batters, but carelessly walked Dan Uggla.  Street then gave up a 2-run walkoff homer to unknown bench player Donnie Murphy.  A crushing loss after the great 8th inning rally; it would have evened up the road trip at 2-2 and possibly given momentum for a more palatable 4-7 or 5-6 trip instead of the disastrous 2-9 record that played out.  

5) August 8 (Road) vs. Pittsburgh: Lost 8-7

This gut-wrenching loss was very similar to the blown game at Florida just a few weeks earlier.  Rockies trailed 5-2 going into the top of the 9th, but a spectacular 3-run bomb by Ian Stewart tied the game at 5-5.  Teams went into the 10th tied at 5 when Todd Helton surprisingly scorched a 2-run HR to right for a 7-5 Rockies lead.  This game was surely ours now, all Rockies fans thought.  Not so fast; Huston Street gives up a lead double in bottom of the 10th, but then gets two quick outs.  Another too-careful walk by Street to Garrett Jones followed, then Pedro Alvarez gets a pitch served on a platter and blasts it out for a 3-run homer and 8-7 Pirates walkoff win.  A win for the Rockies would have set them up for a 3-1 series win at Pittsburgh and eventual much-needed 4-3 winning road trip.  Didn't happen, not in 2010 for this team.

Eat. Drink. Be Merry. But the above FanPost does not necessarily reflect the attitudes, opinions, or views of Purple Row's staff (unless, of course, it's written by the staff [and even then, it still might not]).

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