Purple Row Prediction Competition: Week 22

Here is how the scoring works for the uninitiated.

UPDATE: ATF continues to dominate the full season standings, extending his lead to a nearly insurmountable 29 points. He also now has sole possession of the lead in the second half standings. 

Week 21 Standings

2nd Half Standings

Andrew T. Fisher 55 (10)
WanderingRoxFan 54 (10)
TuloRocks2008 50 (5)
Bron #1 Fan 47 (10)
Jeff Aberle 46 (8, exact score Monday)
jcn7vc 45 (7)
prettyinpurple 43 (4)
rockies17_4 43 (6)
ShadowPenguin 43 (11)
holly96 42 (4)
jrockies 42 (9)
Maria M 41 (11)
Thnikkaman 36 (8)
coolopotamous 33
bleedspurple 32 (3)
pedalpusher 26
Kris Hansen 26 (9)
controlled_slide 13
Hollidayrain 12
3nS 8
MattBerger 6
arpagamos 5
howman11 4

Overall Standings

Andrew T. Fisher 207 (10)
WanderingRoxFan 178 (10)
coolopotamous 174
Jeff Aberle 174 (8)
Maria M 172 (11)
holly96 169 (4)
TuLoRocks2008 169 (5)
prettyinpurple 166 (4)
ShadowPenguin 161 (11)
jcn7vc 154 (7)
bleedspurple 147 (3)
controlled_slide 144
jrockies 144 (9)
Bron #1 Fan 131 (10)
pedalpusher 124
3nS 113
arpagamos 111
Thnikkaman 103 (8)
realmenwearpurple 96
howman11 66
purplebleederandjelly 64
MacFrantic 55
rockies17_4 43 (6)
UZ 39
Triple T-Rox 29
Kris Hansen 26 (9)
EssentialCo 23
noelman31 20
Hollidayrain 19
mkorpal 18
bballrox4717 17
RhodeIslandRoxFan 16
SpaceFlare 15
Rox R Champs 13
ExPatriot Rockman 12
HonroyFobicizer 8
airforcefoo 7
MattBerger 6
PurplePassion 4


Here is the pitching schedule for this week, during which the Rockies will play seven games. Six will be away (three at SF, three at SD), with a makeup home game against the Phillies sandwiched in between on the scheduled off day.

The pitching rotation is a little up in the air with the predicted return of Aaron Cook to start against the Phillies on Thursday in place of Chacin. Presumably Esmil Rogers is out of the rotation, but I'm not sure what order everyone will pitch in.

Eat. Drink. Be Merry. But the above FanPost does not necessarily reflect the attitudes, opinions, or views of Purple Row's staff (unless, of course, it's written by the staff [and even then, it still might not]).

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