Friday Rockpile: Women in Baseball, Ubaldo Jimenez' Start, Will Matt Reynolds Pitch Himself Off the Roster?

A few weeks ago, blogger "baseballgirl" of SB Nation's own Athletics Nation blog put up an article entitled "The Role of Women in Baseball". I completely missed this article, which unfortunately isn't much of a surprise, as I too often fail to find the time to scan the other writers across other teams' blogs in the network, something I should make an effort to perform more regularly. I found this post linked in the middle of a contentious (and, if I may opine, somewhat disturbing) comments section of the new Fangraphs article by Alex Remington about former Dodgers assistant general manager/current senior vice president of baseball operations Kim Ng's thoughts on the lack of women in MLB positions. You can find that article here. Both articles are worth the read for consideration. The comments... that's up to you, but be warned; they're very heated, and filled with content that would likely result in moderator action on our own blog.

Throwing the fascinating but ultimately inflammatory wars that erupted in the comments sections of these two articles to the wind, I felt it important to showcase the discussion that is taking place on the issue of women and baseball to our community here, as it seems to be inspiring more than a few articles in the internet sphere as of late. It is also important to me personally, as is likely obvious to several who have seen my occasional frustrated rants in game threads regarding the subject. Because of the political, theoretical, and potentially emotional considerations inherent to the subject of gender in professional sports, I don't intend to set fire to the blog, and I would appreciate if nobody let the comments section of this rockpile into the image of the others. I feel the topic is ripe for mature discussion, and I hope we can produce some.

In addition to the professional MLB sphere itself, from considerations of female players, umpires, managers, GMs and so forth, of particular significance is the lack of women in the baseball media and analytical community, including but hardly limited to the SABR community. Now Purple Row, as well as SB Nation in general, seems to attract a significant chunk of the female fanbase. Several blogs, including our own, feature multiple female staff members, and Purple Row also has a significant amount of women contributing to the blog community in a variety of ways. Contrary to what some people commenting elsewhere on the subject, female baseball fans exist, and a good many of them extend far beyond the stereotype of the casual fan that exhibits no serious expertise or interest towards the sport

I'm curious to see everyone's thoughts. Again, no shenanigans please; I don't want to regret bringing up the subject; it's really sad that this is such a troublesome subject to begin with.

Onto Rockies related news. Ubaldo Jimenez had a difficult outing yesterday after an otherwise superb Spring, the second straight such outing from a Rockies starting pitcher (Jason Hammel's performance on Wednesday). Thomas Harding has reactions to the outing (along with several other notes, as usual) here and here.

"It was a really bad game. I don't think there's anything I can learn from it. I just didn't execute my pitches. I wasn't able to get anybody out. I was walking even the pitcher." - Ubaldo Jimenez

It should be noted that Jimenez was not expected to pitch in today's game, and instead throw on the side in a B game which ended up getting scrapped. At this point, nobody has offered any obvious reason to worry, so we all should not do such a thing.

After the jump, I will discuss Matt Reynolds' struggles this Spring, and what this means for Rex Brothers and Eric Stults.

Off Topic

As reported by Jim Armstrong at the All Things Rockies Denver Post blog, Matt Reynolds continues to struggle with command this Spring, and is particularly vulnerable to the long ball at the moment. Reynolds was expected to provide a sturdy lefty arm in front of Franklin Morales in front of the bullpen this year, after a career year last year which saw him debut in the majors. One of the team's driest areas of depth right now is left handed pitching. Only two suitable left handed options remain in MLB camp with the Rockies: Eric Stults and Rex Brothers. Armstrong's article does elaborate, however, that Reynolds is probably still the most likely to end up on the roster at this point. He will also get another opportunity to pitch in today's game.

Via Twitter, Troy Renck suggests that Eric Stults has a real shot to make the roster now. Now Spring stats alone are nothing to go by (though Stults' aren't much prettier than Reynolds'), but I haven't heard any electric interest in Stults coming from the team or the media at this point. Many, however, are pleased with what Brothers has shown this Spring, including Purple Row's own Spring Training scout Andrew T. Fisher, who has now seen Brothers in game action twice and has supplied rave reviews on both appearances, which included effective pitching against MLB caliber opposing batters, despite just having 1.5 years of pro experience under his belt since being drafted in 2009. Steve Foster at Inside the Rockies also sings Brothers' praises.

With Morales having a good Spring that at least suggests a remote possibility of a more stable Franklin coming out of the gate, worries about Matt Reynolds may be slightly less concerning. Both Brothers and Stults are on minor league contracts and it would require rearrangement of the 40 Man Roster to accommodate them. Another option that is currently being passed over by most reports (possibly for good reasons) is letting Morales do the left handed duty alone, and allow a righty such as Matt Daley the final spot until Reynolds sharpens up in AAA.

Finally, Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports is impressed with the Rockies' pitching depth in Esmil Rogers, Greg Reynolds and John Maine, and thinks this could allow the team to trade Aaron Cook elsewhere after rehabbing in the minors. Cook's salary is officially $9.25 million as of now, but the article does not mention that his salary accumulates an extra million dollars should it be traded to another franchise, which won't make it any easier. Cook is only likely to be traded in exchange for another highly paid player.

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