Hello All... Question..

Hello everyone I am new to Purple Row but have heard of it from Denver Stiffs where I post all the time. 

Anyways I don't know if any of you are fantasy baseball fans or if I'm even allowed to talk about fantasy baseball here but seeing as my team features 4 Rockies, I thought it would be appropriate.  I just want feedback on my team please,  it is a 10 team league with $100 buy in and $1 transactions so it ends up being a lot of money.  There is no defense scoring, so it is just hitting which every base is 1 point, homeruns end up being about 6 points, stolen bases are 1, strike outs are -1 and walks are 1. 

Pitching is innings pitched is .5 points, a win is 10 points, a loss is -5 points, a save is 5 points, a strike out is 1 point and a walk is -1 point.  I picked 9th and my team is as followed.  Let me know what ya'll think please.  I took 3rd last year and 2nd the year before.  Last year my team featured Miggy Cabrera, Hanley Ramirez and Tim Lincecum to name a few.  Here is this years team:

1b: Ryan Howard, Freddie Freeman

2b: Aaron Hill (tor), Reid Brignac (tb)

3b: Pedro Alvarez (pit 4 hole hitter), Pablo Sandival

ss: Tulo, Brignac

C: Matt Weiters (Bal), Montero (AZ)

OF: Cargo, Travis Snider (Tor)

OF: Heyward (Atl)

OF: Stanton (FL 4 hole hitter potential HR champ)

SP: Chris Carpenter (Stl)

SP: Matt Cain (SF)

SP: Yovani Gallardo (Mil)

SP: Chacin

SP: Brendan Morrow (Tor)

SP: De La Roas

SP: Matt Garza (Chc)

RP: Jose Valverde (Det)

RP: Leo Nunez (Fl)

RP: Matt Thornton (Cws)

Any feed back would be appreciated.. I got Cargo 9th overall and Tulo 12th.  Both were projected 1st rounders but pitching went high in the firts (Halladay and Felix Hernandez) so I was able to grab both.  I am very happy with this team.  I have 6 potential 30+ hr 90+ RBI guys in Howard, Cargo, Tulo, Heyward, Stanton and Alvarez plus 3 15+ winning pitchers in Carpenter, Gallardo (Brewers Ace), and Cain (great postseason) with the possibility of Chacin and De La Rosa having huge years.  I went young and under the radar with this draft.  I hope it pans out.  Any feedback would be much appreciated!

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