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Hi, Reds fan here, going to be in Denver the first week of April and want to visit Coors Field.  I have a ton of questions about the place and as a fellow SBNian, thought I'd come over here for advice.  I've been to half the ballparks in MLB but am realizing I know next to nothing about Coors, Denver, or Colorado for that matter.  (I usually live in DC, am from Ohio, and currently reside in Beirut until next week.)  I'm aiming for either April 2,3,5, or 6. I hate the Dodgers so am leaning towards one of those games so I can root against them.

So, I'm looking for cost-efficient seats (more $ for beer) and I'm wondering how the views are from from the cheap seats.  First, the Rockpile.  Hard to beat $4.  What's the view like out there?  I'm really going for the stadium experience more than the game, so I'm ok with distant views as long as the atmosphere is good.  Aside from the Rockpile, how do you all feel about the other "cheap seats" - the left and right outfield reserve and the corners? 

Also, I'm pretty clueless about the weather out there at this time of year.  The friend I'm meeting says sometimes there's snow on the ground in the mornings and sunshine and warmth in the afternoons, while returning to winter in the evening.  So, as someone who pretty much moved to Beirut to skip this past winter and who has a mid-summer's tan already and will be going to the beach this weekend, it's probably best for me to pick one of the day games, right?  Sunday or Wednesday?

What about parking?  Where do the smart fans who don't mind walking park?  You know, the places where the people who complain about the cost of parking at baseball stadiums don't know about?  In Cincinnati, you can pay $2 to park and walk across the river.  There's also a $7 garage about three blocks from the stadium that people seem to think is too far away.  Do you have any places like that?

Any "can't miss" things about Coors Field?  You know, like how Pittsburgh has the Negro Leagues statues or the Reds have their Hall of Fame Museum or the Bankee$ have their Monument Park?  Anything that makes Coors unique?  Any foods I should indulge in?  Any specialty beers from Colorado?

Last thing - places to go before or after the games.  Any recs?

I appreciate any advice you can give, and you are always welcome over at Red Reporter since you aren't Cardinals or Cubs folks.  :)

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