Game 6 Recap: This stupid team

Everybody in the bullpen pitched. Everyone on the bench...did something.

This game took 5 hours and 11 minutes.

The Rockies lost.

I can't even TELL you how many times they had runners on and failed to convert them. 

The WORST offense was stranding Johnny Herrera at 3B after a leadoff double and advancing to 3B on a wild pitch. Seriously, runner on 3B, zero outs.

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Guys who did stuff good:

Huston Street (3.0IP, 2K, BB, .422 WPA)

Jason Giambi (2-for-3, HR, 3RBI, .263 WPA)

Matt Reynolds (1.1IP, 2K, .197 WPA)

Johnny Herrera (3-for-6, BB, R, .166 WPA)


Guys who did stuff bad:

Carlos Gonzalez (0-for-7, Hat Trick, -.433 WPA)

Ty Wigginton (1-for-5, BB, -.208 WPA)

Every other position player not named Giambi, Herrera, or Fowler.


Comment of the night:


Who knew that Muzia’s love is like a rock tied to your feet, dragging you to the bottom of the ocean? 
Some days, I feel like I’ve accidentally entered the Church of Tulowitzki on Baseball Easter. 
Serious Avs fan. Yes, I have health insurance. 
SB Nation Denver

by Muzia on Apr 8, 2011 10:17 PM MDT reply actions  


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