Friday Rockpile: Wherein Felipe Paulino and Franklin Morales keep coming up

News ‘n’ notes from Rockies’ 9-5 loss to the Mets | All Things Rockies — Colorado Rockies news — Denver Post

Interesting notes from yeterday's game. For starters, Ubaldo Jimenez knows that he's trying to paint too much and not just hurling that impossible fastball of his - assuming that it's possible to throw the impossible fastball.

Additionally, the Rockies just got off their longest sting in 1st place in over a decade, since 1995. I don't know if that's awesome or sad.

Possible the most interesting piece of news is regarding Matt Daley and Rex Brothers:

This kid hasn’t fallen off his bicycle yet. So if he’s going to end up falling off his bike, you’d rather have him fall off his bike in Triple A.

Tracy is talking about how they want Morales and Paulino to pick up their games - it sounds like they're near the end of their leashes, but still getting another chance - but they appreciate Brothers and Daley there in AAA as depth. Seriously though, it almost sounds like Tracy doesn't want to deal with a rookie right now, either.

Colorado Rockies Aaron Cook set to begin rehab assignment in AA | All Things Rockies — Colorado Rockies news — Denver Post
Aaron Cook rejoining the rotation - who thought we'd be looking forward to that after Esmil Rogers' first start? Cook's gonna make a few starts for the AA Tulsa Drillers, then a start with the Sky Sox, and then he'll be back come end of May.

What especially interested me about this article was Troy Renck citing Felipe Paulino as the longman. Wait, I thought Paulino was a 1-inning guy. At least that's how he was used for those 3 walkoffs. Either Paulino is the longman, and was put into 3 straight walkoff situations, or he's a 1-inning guy and his role is severely confused.

Rox want more strikes out of Paulino, Morales | News
One note from this puppy that drove me up the wall:

Rockies manager Jim Tracy has been using them in close games, usually in ties or with small deficits. With above-average fastball velocity, they could be useful, even in greater roles, if they begin to throw strikes.

I don't know how much greater of a role you can get than being the guy to pitch in a walkoff situation. If Paulino and Morales are REALLY such trouble, why would you pitch them with the game on the line? It just leaves me scratching my head. 

Morales is sitting on a 3.21 ERA and Paulino, 6.94.

Rockies farm roundup: Wigginton plays in double-header | Inside the Colorado Rockies
This will likely be redundant to the Pebble Report, but Ty Wigginton went a combined 2-for-7 in a doubleheader with 2 walks, R, RBI.

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