What the Heck Happened Last Night?

I'm still trying to digest the events that transpired in the middle innings of last night's game between the Giants and Rockies.  On one hand, the Rockies lit up Tim Lincecum but at the same time, it was almost as if Jim Tracy and Bruce Bochy were determined to gift wrap the game for the other team.

Here's my take on how it went down.......

Note:  (Despite what you are about to read I like both Jim Tracy and Bruce Bochy and think that overall they do a pretty good job as managers of their clubs.  I just can't quite wrap my brain around what happened last night.)

5th inning - Lincecum gives up a leadoff walk TO THE PITCHER and then a single to Dexter Fowler.

Jim Tracy: "Let's see here, Lincecum has four walks (including the one he just issued TO THE PITCHER), he's throw as many strikes as balls, and he's been skating on thin ice all night...................I KNOW!!!!!!!! I'll give him a free out by bunting!!!!!!

(Jim Tracy 1 / Bruce Bochy 0)

/Herrera bunts the runners over / Lincecum walks Cargo / Tulo plates a pair with a line drive single.

Jim Tracy: Wow!!! Lincecum's faced five hitters this inning and the only out he's gotten is the free one I gave him by bunting. You know what would be a good idea here? A double steal!!!!! That way Lincecum will have another opportunity to get an out he doesn't deserve.

/Cargo is gunned out at third on an outstanding throw by Posey and Helton flies out to end the inning.

(Jim Tracy 2 / Bruce Bochy 0)

Let's fast forward to the bottom of the 6th inning now, because this is when things REALLY get good.

Bruce Bochy: "Well I have Lincecum approaching 100 pitches, he's walked five guys tonight, and the only reason he has a decent line is because last inning he got two of the outs on a bunt and a caught stealing. Ah what the hell, I'll send him out to face Seth Smith to start the 6th even though Smith's always hit Lincecum well and I can bring in a lefty from the bullpen.  I mean, what's the worst that could happen?"

/Smith hits a bomb

(Jim Tracy 2 / Bruce Bochy 1)

Bochy: "Oh yeah that.  Oh well, I'm still leaving him in."

/Lincecum gives up a single to Jose Lopez

(Jim Tracy 2 / Bruce Bochy 2)

Bochy: "That's not a sign of trouble at all. I'm still leaving him in."

Lincecum throws a DP ball away (It's first and second with nobody out and Lincecum is over 100 pitches)

(Bruce Bochy 3 / Jim Tracy 2)

Bochy: "You think that's gonna change my mind? HA! I'm still leaving him in"

(Bruce Bochy 4 / Jim Tracy 2)

Jim Tracy: "Hey, let's bunt again!!!"

/Amezaga fails to get the bunt down twice and after giving Lincecum the two free strikes he couldn't seem to throw most of the night, he strikes out

(Bruce Bochy 4 / Jim Tracy 3)

Jim Tracy: "No reason not to bunt again."

(Jim Tracy 4 / Bruce Bochy 4)

/Fowler also fails to get the bunt down but still manages to get the hit that ties the game later in the AB because Lincecum is pitching so badly.

........So here we are, the game is tied at four and the Bochy vs. Tracy "Fail War" is tied at four. Something's gotta give.......

Bochy: "I'm still leaving him in"

/Herrera lines a base hit to centerfield that gives the Rockies the lead and Bochy the award for worst manager of the ni...........Huh?.........What the hell is this!?!?!?!?!?!? Morales and Fowler are both on third, no run scores, AND the Giants get an out??

(Jim Tracy keeps it tied with assists from 3B coach Richie Dauer, Jose Morales, and Dexter Fowler)

(Bruce Bochy 5 / Jim Tracy 5)

BRUCE BOCHY FOR THE WIN................................

Bochy: "I'm still leaving him in"

/Cargo launches a moon shot over the centerfield wall

GAME!!! SET!!! MATCH!!!!!

Eat. Drink. Be Merry. But the above FanPost does not necessarily reflect the attitudes, opinions, or views of Purple Row's staff (unless, of course, it's written by the staff [and even then, it still might not]).

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