The Weiner Report - Tulsa Drillers


Welcome to The Weiner Report - this is the 1st in a series looking at the food available at the various stadiums in the Rockies Farm System.

 Located in the historic Greenwood District of downtown Tulsa, ONEOK Field is the newest addition to the downtown Tulsa landscape. It's art deco style architecture of the ballpark pays tribute to Tulsa's professional baseball past, the Greenwood District and the City of Tulsa. ONEOK Field officially opened on April 8, 2010.

They have a huge variety of food choices available - and feature a great variety of locally produced sausages.  The local favorite, according to Jason Wilson - Director of Food Service for the Drillers, is the Footlong Siegi's Brat. Siegi's is a local sausage company that has been in business for 30 years and provides high end sausages for the Drillers. They also provide all of the brats for the Oktoberfest in Tulsa - which is the site of one of the largest Oktoberfests in the country.

Not looking for a brat, but want to stick to the classic baseball treat of a hot dog? You are in luck - the Drillers serve up Nathan's Famous. Jason says of the stadiums hot dog and sausage selections "We strive to have the best hot dog around, and being a ballpark, that is a good thing.". Between the locally produced brats, and the fantastic choice of Nathan's for their hot dogs, I think the Drillers have a great one two combination when it comes to their sausage selection.

Need something to quench your thirst after devouring some delicious meat? The Driller's are proud to serve beers from two local brewers. The first choice is Choc - it has a storied history dating back to the era before prohibition (the founder was actually arrested for selling liquor illegally during the prohibition era). The fan favorite however is Marshall's. A craft brewery founded in 2007 by Eric Marshal who studied the art of brewmaking in Munich Germany where he was awarded the prestigious International Diploma in Brewing Technology from the World Brewing Academy. Jason Wilson recommends his personal favorite,  Marshall's Sundown Wheat, the perfect beer for a warm summer day at the ballpark.

The Drillers have added some new items to their menu this year - including a new BBQ Cart that offers homemade smoked meats that are all made in house. As well as the budget friendly "Super Nacho" for only $6.50 Jason says this beast can feed 2 (sounds a lot like the Rockies Monster Nachos).

One of the great things about going to a minor league game is the atmosphere and the food. I love that the Driller's are sourcing so much of the food that they serve from the local community. From the sausages and beers to the BBQ that is cured and smoked in house the Drillers are doing a fantastic job in creating the perfect experience for baseball fans.

Jason was kind enough to send me copies of their menus for the park as well as for the suites (which have some really awesome selections). I would be more than happy to share those with you - just shoot me an e-mail (located in my profile) and I will be happy to forward those on to you.

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Choc Beer

Marshall Brewing

Siegi's Sausages


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