Edwar Cabrera and the Amazing Nuts in moving pictures



The highlight of this game was watching Edwar Cabrera pitch 3 1/3 perfect innings. When he’s on, there’s no one that can touch this guy. He lives on the outside black in a way Tom Glavine personified. I was worried about how the conditions would affect him, because gametime temperature was 99° with a 20mph wind blowing out to left-center. It didn't affect him negatively however, because he finished the game with 11k's and only 3 earned runs.

I was truly excited to see Josh Rutledge and Nolan Arenado play. Nolan’s mother and family were at the game cheering him on and it added a level of excitement to the game. He was wound up and it showed in his At-Bats. He was swinging for the fences on his first two attempts sending the ball to the warning track both times. While I didn’t catch it on camera, he later hit a ball so hard it caught the centerfielder flat-footed and went over his head bouncing over the wall for a ground-rule double. My only concern is his defense, while it’s tough to judge based on one game, he was very stiff and it led to the games only error.


Josh played a great game scoring 4 runs, hitting a double and a homerun. He is very fluid in his movement on the field, and while he had few opportunities, he performed well on the ones that came his way.

 Delta Cleary hit a double to start the game, but was later thrown out on a close play at first. He was so upset he argued with the umpire, which judging by the ump's tattoos, I thought was a bad idea.


I had a great time at the game and it was fun to watch these players in their natural habitat. I didn't get a chance to video tape it, but Kent Matthes had 3HRs in the game! I look forward to watching these guys progress through the system and hope one day I can cheer them on at Coors Field. For more videos and analysis of the Modesto team, I suggest Muzia's fanpost from June or his youtube channel to see some video of Modesto's pitchers.

Our only downside to the game was my daughter getting hit by a ricochet foul ball. The ball lined off a chair a few seats down and hit her smack in the mouth. It then plopped down into her strawberry icee spraying pink ice everywhere. This is the third time we've been hit this year. I was hit in Las Vegas and my son was hit by a CDI homerun this spring. It's strange because I've attended probably a hundred amateur and professional games and never had a ball hit close to me until this season. I guess from now on I'll have to sit behind home plate to protect my family.


For more pictures of the game, including my son mocking the High Desert Maverick check out my album. I also have more video of the game at my youtube channel including:

Edwar Cabrera defending his position

Edwar warming up in the bullpen

Closeup of Edwar pitching

This Delta Cleary double







Eat. Drink. Be Merry. But the above FanPost does not necessarily reflect the attitudes, opinions, or views of Purple Row's staff (unless, of course, it's written by the staff [and even then, it still might not]).

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