Monday Rockpile: Carlos Gonzalez Sprained His Wrist, Rockies Rotation Trade Options

Heyhey, watch the wrist, alright?

OK, everyone can exhale now. 

Rockies’ CarGo: ‘I am fine’ | All Things Rockies — Colorado Rockies news — Denver Post

Wrist sprain. He's day to day. That's....good news? I think? I seriously hate sprains and strains and pulls. It doesn't sound incredibly serious, but last time he hurt his wrist, it took awhile for his power numbers to return. 

Carlos Gonzalez has batted .376/.439/.624 this season in the leadoff spot, which is pretty spiffy. He's also hit 4 home runs and snagged 6 bags.

In the meantime, we're expecting Seth Smith to bat leadoff, and possibly even Charlie Blackmon. Amusingly enough, in every lineup slot EXCEPT leadoff in 2011, Smith has excelled, posting a well above average batting line in each slot relative to the MLB split at that lineup slot.

As for Blackmon, well, he hasn't stolen a base since those 5 straight in June, and his batting line over the past 2 weeks has been less than savory. Don't take that to mean "ZOMG BLACKMON IS DONE FOR", just that I kind of like him down in the lineup still. Like way down. I'd suggest 9th if it were an option - not out of disrespect, but for the sake of speed around the horn, etc.


Paige: Unbroken CarGo a lucky break, Sunday slumps a troubling trend - The Denver Post

Woody Paige has it figured out! Losing on Sundays is the Rockies' Achilles Heel! Also terrible puns.

Paige does raise one interesting point: The Rockies attendance is more than halfway to 3,000,000 for the first time in a decade. That's pretty outstanding. He also suggests using that extra attendance money on Wandy Rodriguez. I think he's forgetting prospect costs, but whatever. Wandy is still a target for the Rockies (or he should be), so Paige isn't TOO far off line with this particular demand. That said, I'm still rolling my eyes at all of the awful puns Paige sprinkles throughout his articles.


in all seriousness, and Woody Paige aside, this Hammel start following a less than special Greg Reynolds start is somewhat exposing an unexpected hole in the rotation. Ubaldo has seemingly bounced back from his rough start (3.01 FIP/3.17 xFIP in June), which is obviously a positive. Chacin, despite skipping that start with a wrist injury, has been solid over the course of the season. Even Aaron Cook is somewhat returning to form, despite a sub-1 K/BB ratio and a .356 BABIP.

The rotation seems somewhat full at the moment, with a Ubaldo-Chacin-Cook-Nicasio-Hammel quintet being "dependable", but this career-low year from Hammel isn't helping the situation. 

The question for me is IF the Rockies make a move for Kuroda or Rodriguez or Javier Vazquez or whoever they look for, does the team demote someone to the bullpen, or do they option Nicasio? Nicasio is the easiest move, as it doesn't knock anyone out of their current role with the organization (starter vs reliever), but I'm not so sure that Hammel in the bullpen looks any better than Hammel in the rotation. Hammel's also out of options, so if we decided that was a solution to this problem, well, it's not. He'd have to clear waivers first.

So here's a question for you. Should the Rockies make a move for another starter (and a current member of the rotation isn't part of the trade), which move do you make?

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