Purple Row Comment Awards

I've spent over two years at Purple Row now.  What started as an ugre to join the party after the SpillySlam game, quickly morphed into a stumbling upon my favorite place on the internet.  A cyber home sweet home of sorts. 

My fascination with Purple Row runs deeper than the consistently outstanding work the writers post on a daily basis - That's only the start.  What really makes this spot unique is the people who gather here.  I am constantly amazed by the level of knowledge, wit, pride, and passion poured into the posts within this little slice of the internet.  So much so in fact, that I want to preserve some of the best the Row has to offer - And with that, I'm going to try something new.

So - Welcome to the first ever "Purple Row Comment Awards"!!!  (I'm sure we'll come up with a better name later, but we'll work with that for now.)  Here's how it will work.  I'll collect the best comments of the season, (in this case summer), and then we'll vote on our favorite as a community.  So a few guidelines.....

1) To be eligable for this set of awards (The 2011 Summer edition), the comment has to have been made during the summer of 2011 (Between 11:16am (MT) and June 21st and 3:05am  (MT) on September 23rd.

2) A comment MUST have AT LEAST 6 recs to be considered.  I firure that if 3 recs gets you green, you need to have at least gone double green to have a chance here.  (Note: Not all comments with at least 6 recs will be listed here.  I had to make some cuts as this post is already a monster in length.)

3) Comments that are just gifs of an awesome Rockies play without something added by the poster will not qualify.  As awesome as it is to see Super Cargo fly in from right field or Tulo turn the front end of an absolutely sick double play, we are really giving the rec to the play, not the post itself.  For a gif to be included, there has to be some other edit made to it.

4) If there are any comments that you think should be included that I have missed, link them in the comments.  If they get enough recs in here, I'll add them to the list to be voted on.

That's all for now so with that, let's get started.

1) As awful as the Rockie season is now, the summer actually started on a pretty high note.  The Rockies were just 2.5 games out of first as recently as June 21st, and on top of that, the Giants just played this game...


First prettyinpurple (PIP) responds with...


Beatiful, just beatiful

Those dots are the Giants going down a waterfall.

But the post that's being nominated here is SDcat's response to that...

I dunno

Looks more like an EKG of the Giants flat lining.

Somehow that thought makes me a little happy.

2) One week later, the Rockies finally put together their first walk-off win of the season against the White Sox.  The comment with the most recs that night was this photo posted by Charlie77.




3) Also in June, Junction Rox did an outstanding job of breaking down why the Giants would ultimately fall short of the postseason this year.  I'll just leave the link here since the comment has some depth to it and needs to be read around other comments to be fully appreciated.


4) There have been so many great photos made about Seth Smith on this site, but the best one of the summer was posted by Maria M. back on July 8th in regards to Jim Tracy not playing Smith when an opposing southpaw was on the mound.





5) As the trading deadline grew closer, our old friend PinchHitLancePainter made seval stops at the site claiming that a Messiah may be joining the team soon - Along with a bunch of other mumbo jumbo I never really understood.  By the 9th of July, Andrew Martin had had enough and wrote this masterpiece......

(Mods, let me know if I can put a quote box up for this one as I'm not sure you want all of its contents in the text of a Fanpost.  Anyway, everybody click the link above to see it, as well as Paleface Destro's response.)

6) As July wore on, it became obvious that this was not going to be the Rockies year, and after a particularly frustrating 7-0 loss to the D'Backs, PIP made this highly appropriate picture.



7) Then came the biggest story of the summer - The Ubaldo Jimenez trade.  It produced flood of chaos, as well as some outstanding commentary.  Here's some of the best.....

From Frnchise26.....

Thanks for everything, Ubaldo. From saving our asses and two kick-ass playoff starts in 07, to the magic that was last year, and every peak and valley in between. Was a pleasure to watch you pitch. Great arm, even better guy, pleasure to root for you. I’m glad you’re headed to a franchise I actually like so I can keep on rooting for you.

But I was a Rockies fan before that day you got called up, and I’ll be one tomorrow. Being reminded that we’re rooting for laundry at the end of the day is always cruel. No way around it. But it’s on to the next one.



 8) From GoldenNugget.....

I think people are letting their emotions get in the way

I say that comfortably, because I am one of them.

Here’s the bottom line as far as I can tell: Ubaldo was our ace, but by no means was he in-expendable. His record this season was 6-9, with an ERA north of .400. Sure, he has potential — just like everyone else on the team — but like Tulo mentioned in the post-game interview, if you don’t play up to that potential, you’re not safe.

Ubaldo wasn’t playing up to his potential, and yet simultaneously he still carried a lot of value to to his strong start to the 2010 season. In a tumultuous season where expectations are far from being met, there comes a point in time where something has to be done. The good teams recognize this and capitalize when given the opportunity.

I think it’s clear, nobody wanted to see Ubaldo go. I sure as hell didn’t. In fact, even as a casual Rockies fan it pains me to see Ubaldo go more than I ever imagine. You know why? Because he’s such a good guy at heart. Ubaldo is truly just as good of a person as he is a baseball player, and he’s a damn good ball player. You do the math.

Unfortunately for Ubaldo, we have three critical issues at hand that led to his departure: (A) We’re drastically underachieving; (B) We’re unwilling to spend the amount of money in the off-season that other contenders are in order to win; and © Our farm system is emaciated.

When you add all three of those things up, there was simply no way the Rockies could honestly believe they were fielding a contender moving forward. And in the end, a move simply had to be made.

What I think Mr. Martin is underrated is the prospects the Rockies received in return. Both White and Pomeranz were Top 10 picks overall in the draft, considered to be future TOR players and will likely be able to contribute at the beginning of next season. They give our farm system and immediate shot in the heart, and conversely add depth to our immediate pitching staff as well. Pomeranz has a great chance to be better than Jimenez alone, and of course White is right there with him.

As far as I can tell, if we weren’t going to spend money to get a big-name pitcher or hitter in Coors Field, this is just a move that HAD to be made. Because our record this season proved, that what we had wasn’t going to get it done.


9) From prettyinpurple.....

Dear Ubaldo,

I still can’t believe it. I’ve seen the feeds and the sources, and at first was able to limit it to "stuff that’s going on on my phone". I felt numb. But I’ve since opened my laptop and watched you say goodbye to your teammates and then say goodbye to us as you smiled and waved. But I still can’t believe it.

I’m so sorry that it’s come to this. I’m sorry that the Rockies are so bad that they had to do this. It sucks. I wish we were on our way to a division title with you as our Ace on the mound.

You were never my favorite player, but you’ve made a special place in all our hearts, writing yourself into Rockies lore and becoming the greatest pitcher in Rockies history. I’ve watched you pitch since you were a rookie. I always got excited when I figured you would pitch on the game I would have tix for. It was awesome thinking about what we would all accomplish with you, but yet, it is not to be. But I have a Jimenez t-shirt, and I’ll always be proud of it.

Thanks, Ubaldo. Thanks for throwing the Rockies first no-hitter. Thanks for your smile that never wavered. Thanks for always signing for everyone down the 1st base line. Thanks for being our ace while it lasted. Thanks for being a part of a team we were truly proud of, especially in your character.

Good luck in Cleveland. Go kick the Yankees and Red Sox butts. I’ll be rooting for you, but I’ll still miss you. I’ll miss that every 5th day, and saying "UUUUU BAALLLLL DOOOOO!!!!!", and so much more. The future is so uncertain right now for the Rockies, but I think I’ll miss your smile most.

It’s gonna suck seeing you in a different uniform. I still can’t believe the "Three O’s" have been broken up.


Thanks for the memories.


10) From free7694.....

(It's short and sweet, but man it's sums up what we all hope this trade turns out to be)

Honestly, I think we traded the best pitcher in franchise history

For the best rotation 1-5 in franchise history

11) Just two days after the Ubaldo whirlwind, mother nature gave us an amazing moment.  PIP took this picture - It needs no more introduction.



12) Of course, the Rockies play on the field by this point was far less beautiful (as you'll see reflected in many of the upcoming posts).  The first is by a guy named John Rino right after the Rockies blew a very winnable game against Philly.  If you don't remember him, don't feel bad as he only made one comment and then never returned; but he sure made it a good one.

OK, baseball gods, we get it, we're still paying back for 07...

/realizes he may be rooting for the Cubs of the 21st century

13) That same night, CarRo2010 was able to perfectly capture what rooting for this team is like.

This team

Is like dating a fairly attractive girl who says/does incredibly outlandish, stupid things to embarrass you every night. Yet you keep coming back for more.

14) Another ugly theme that played out this summer was the Rockies complete inability to win on Sundays.  When the streak reached 16 games, jcd823 made this observation.

16 straight Sundays without a win...

It’s like we are Detroit Lions fans or something.

15) We all have our moments here at Purple Row and in August, I had one of mine when my feelings towards Ty Wigginton reached a boiling point.

I'm just sick of him

I’m sick of watching him become a lousy hitter with runners on base, I’m sick of watching him become a near automatic out with RISP, and I’m really sick of his quest to single handedly move the floor of ineptitude undergound with the bases loaded. I’m also sick of watching him attempt to play defensive positions he doesn’t belong at – which by the way is all of them. I’m sick of watching him display about as much range on defense as a lawn gnome, and I’m sick of watching him kick grounders at third base and drop fly balls in left field. I’m sick of his face, I’m sick of his at bats being about as exiting to watch as paint dry and as disappointingly predictable as the direction the sun will set in tomorrow – I’m sick of knowing we owe him another $4 million next season, I’m sick of that shot of Spilly picking his nose hairs in Arizona being stuck in my head, and above all, I’m sick of how he’s perfected the ability to play juuusst well enough to remain on the roster, but not well enough to avoid being a liability at everything that doesn’t involve hitting with the bases empty.

I’m sick of Ty Wigginton like I’m sick of that two week cold you just can’t shake, I’m sick of Ty Wigginton like I'm sick of that insect that flies around your face but doesn't land anywhere to give you an opportunity to kill it, and I’m sick of Ty Wigginton like I’m sick of snow in May. I’m so sick of Ty Wigginton that if he’s traded, I will personally fly to Denver, rent a car, and drive his butt to the airport just to make sure baseball’s version of the black plauge (only one team he’s ever been with has ever won more than 75 games) is purged from this organization.

16) So we all know 3B has been a black hole for the Rockies this season, but on August 27th, Juction Rox treated us to what a press conference of Jim Tracy talking about the black hole at third base might sound like.

“Well, obviously the black hole is a very special astronomical phenomenon, and we felt like it had the chance to do some very good things at third base for us. So far, I think it’s worked out very well for us defensively. It’s been catching everything, it seems like. But offensively, it seems like we still have some work to do there. We’re gonna keep working on it, and I have no doubt it’s going to turn around one of these days. You know, black hole is very special and really wants to stay in the lineup, and is putting in some great effort that way. So I’m sure it’s going to come. We’ve just got to give it a little time.”

/"Jim, could you address the Tulowitzki situation?"

“Well Tracy, that’s obviously a tough one for us. We had warned Troy that he couldn’t go too far to his right with black hole over at third. But Troy, as you all know, is a 100% effort kind of guy, and, you know, sometimes you just react. At this time we’re not completely sure how this situation is going to, you know, play out. But I can tell you that we’ve been in contact with some top notch astro-physicists, and they are working on some very special stuff that they hope might be able to get Troy back to us in time for tomorrow’s game. One of them even said something about getting him back to us in time for the first game in franchise history, but that was something that went a bit over my head, I’ll admit.”

17) On September 2nd, Andrew Martin made the following comment in the Rockpile that was quoted by Bryan Kilpatrick. It was worth reading twice.

Hell, even Jim Tracy makes heavy use of platoons, in the form of "Players I like" and "Players I don’t like.

18) After Alfonzo tested positive for PED's earlier this month

Muzia posted this classic response.

19) Northsider1964 summed up several rowbot's views of casual fans about as well as anyone ever has

I like the fact that Coors Field is affordable

and it really doesn’t bother me that a lot of fans are less than passionate. As long as they don’t go out of their way to find mind-numbingly stupid ways*** to keep me from enjoying the game, I really don’t care if the game doesn’t hold their interest.
•Some examples of which include:

Choosing a two-on, two-out situation to gather your group of pals to the front rail for that all-important ballpark photo shoot.
Trying to get me to do the wave, when I’ve already told you four times to go back to your own #%^&# section and leave me alone.
Getting a call from your buddy in the middle of inning, and standing up like a prairie dog (because this vastly improves your panoramic view of the upper deck) to gawk around and see if you can find each other. And when that big moment occurs, you point and pump your fist as if you’ve cured cancer.
Follow these simple rules, and I don’t care why people come out to the park. I won’t live long enough to see Denver become a passionate baseball town, so there’s no point in holding out for that.

20) Like many here on Purple Row, Yokel wants to fire Jim Tracy but the real genius of this post is located right in the middle of it.


#firejimtracy #firejimtracy #firejimtracy #firejimtracy #firejimtracy #firejimtracy #firejimtracy #firejimtracy
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#firejimtracy #firejimtracy #firejimtracy #firejimtracy #firejimtracy #firejimtracy #firejimtracy #firejimtracy

21) And finally EmersonCR offers us a new nickname for Drew Pomeranz.

I vote for “Mountain Drew” to be Pomeranz new nickname.

If he’s good, anyway.

Eat. Drink. Be Merry. But the above FanPost does not necessarily reflect the attitudes, opinions, or views of Purple Row's staff (unless, of course, it's written by the staff [and even then, it still might not]).

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