2012 Colorado Rockies Milestones Revisited

The 2012 baseball season has ended and for most of us it couldn't end soon enough but we also couldn't take our eyes away from it. Why? For me baseball is what I use to get away from work and to sit back and relax. The Rockies are my favorite team and without being able to watch every baseball game going I enjoyed watching the Rockies.

The team had a terrible year, as it has been documented in numerous places, and many individuals had bad years while many had great years. During spring training I wrote a piece indicating the possible milestones many of the Rockies players had a chance to reach this year, and while nobody called me out for saying Betancourt only had 27 strikeouts (should have been saves)I appreciated the feedback and this is the followup article to the one written in February. It's not surprising that some players actually managed to make certain milestones while most of them missed quite a few more due to injuries, ineffectiveness or the 4-man rotation (ineffectiveness). Below you will find a list of the milestones I indicated were possible and when the players reached those milestones (if they did).

Rafael Betancourt

Betancourt began the year as the closer and he ended it in the same role. He needed 40 strikeouts to have 600 in his long career (mostly as a set-up man) and he reached that milestone on August 10 with a strikeout of the ever goofy Hunter Pence (said fast enough it sounds like underpants). Just 9 days later he would record his 50th career save against Marlins of Miami.

Rex Brothers

Rex Brothers was very good this year, although he still walks a few to many people and was prone to the long ball. He needed 41 strikeouts to have 100 in his career and he got that milestone on June 29.

Matt Reynolds

Reynolds had a bad year, or maybe it was just bad luck as he pitched in about 60 games that the Rockies lost and almost all of them were not his fault (3-1 record in 2012). He did get his 100th strikeout at a game that I attended on the 4th of July in St. Louis (although I didn't know it at the time). Congrats to Mr. Reynolds.

Dexter Fowler

Fowler was the most prolific milestone getter this year as he reached 5 "milestones" based on a large round number. It took him the entire month of April to get 8 walks for his 200th career walk. His 400th career hit came on June 1st. Even more impressive is that he was the fastest player in recent history to get to 50 triples, reaching the milestone on September 1. He proceeded to get his 100th double just 9 days later on September 9. Fowler also scored his 300th run on August 20, which is quite surprising considering the man was an on base machine this year reaching base at a .389 clip and he only needed 67 runs to reach 300 hitting at the top of the order (the run producers were significantly less effective).

Ramon Hernandez

Hernandez came into the year needing 5 hits to have 1300, a milestone he reached on April 11. His season fell apart shortly after that and he wouldn't get close to either of his other mile stones.

Marco Scutaro

Mediocre with the Rockies, All World for the World Series champs.

Michael Cuddyer

Cuddyer was playing a pretty solid right field and first base for the Rockies when he pulled his oblique putting him out for the rest of the year. He did hit his 150th home run as part of a two home run game on June 13, one day before I previously predicted he would get it. Cuddyer was at work quick in reigning in RBI as he had the 20 he needed for 600 a month and 5 days after the start of the year and well before my predicted date of May 28.

Troy Tulowitzki

Needing 30 hits for 800, Tulo achieved this milestone on May 12 and he might have gotten to 900 had it not been for a series of strange, well documented, hip/groin issues. We'll see if he can make up his milestones next year when the man has a chip on his shoulder (but hopefully not in).

Carlos Gonzalez

By now we know that Carlos won his second Gold Glove award but what else did he do this year? He surpassed both 500 (April 13) and 600 (July 15) hits. He also hit his 100th career double on May 5 while recording his 300th run and RBI exactly 1 month apart (April 27 and May 27 respectively). His second half power "slump" did mean he ended this year with 99 home runs. I, therefore, predict Carlos Gonzalez to hit his 100th career home run in the home opener next year.

Jason Giambi

Giambi didn't play very much but he did reach 1200 runs scored in his long career on May 9. He also walked for the 1333th time on September 7 giving him sole possession of 34th all-time.

Todd Helton

Mr. Rockie is still moving up some all-time lists, even with his season cut short. He got his 2400th hit on June 3rd, which was slightly annoying because I was at the game on June 2nd when I predicted before the season. On April 21 Todd hit his 350th home run moving him into 83rd all-time. Todd moved into 22nd all-time in doubles with his 6th double of the year on April 28. If he's healthy he could be 20th by the end of next year.

This was a disappointing year for the team and for the individual as there were so many potential individual milestones that were not reached. We shall see what 2013 brings for both.

Have a good winter break,


(Due to the disappointment of the season I intentionally left out pictures like I had in the February article.)

Eat. Drink. Be Merry. But the above FanPost does not necessarily reflect the attitudes, opinions, or views of Purple Row's staff (unless, of course, it's written by the staff [and even then, it still might not]).

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