This Week in GIFs: Mark Sanchez, other handegg follies and the coolest kid ever

In this week's GIF post, we honor Mark Sanchez's terribleness and perhaps the coolest little kid on the planet.

In this edition of This Week in GIFs, we pay homage to Mark Sanchez. The New York Jets quarterback is a living, breathing, walking shenanigan.

Just look at this...


This is right up there with the Little League home run that the Rockies allowed to Miguel Cabrera earlier this season as far as ineptitude is concerned.

In fact, both cases may be attributed to some Angels in the Outfield type of hub bub. I mean, Christopher Lloyd probably twirled Christian Friedrich around to force a wild throw, and carried Wilin Rosario's throw into left field in the Rockies' case. Here, he clearly pulled Sanchez's legs out from underneath him, making him slide face-first into Brandon Moore's ass. Great stuff.

Here's more from a week of great handegg action:

Matt Shaughnessy has a mean hook

(click image to view)


That's what Andrew Whitworth gets -- he gets punched in the nose for sticking his face in other people's business.

Kenny Stills can do this with a bad pass


That's a superb show of concentration by Stills to haul in a pass that was thrown a foot behind him. Also, luck. Also, terrible Oklahoma State defense.

Last but not least, we step away from the handegg to stare in awe at a young fan staring in awe...

It's not the food tray he's enamored with


Check out that eye candy! Get it?! Also, what is with those pants? They're pretty much bad enough to take away from what she's really trying to show off -- the candy. Perverts.

This post is sponsored by Jack in the Box.

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