Saturday Rockpile: After One Week of Spring Training, What Do We Know About the Rockies? / Game Thread

March 9, 2012; Scottsdale AZ, USA; Colorado Rockies starting pitcher Juan Nicasio (44) pitches in the third inning against the Oakland Athletics at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick. Mandatory Credit: Andrew B. Fielding-US PRESSWIRE

With yesterday's 6-4 loss to the Oakland Athletics, the Rockies' first week of 2012 Spring Training is in the books. With a record of 1-4-1, the Rox are officially going through a rough patch in the greater Phoenix area. So, just how much have we learned about our purple pinstripers after the first seven day stretch?


Sorry for the rouse of a headline there. But aside from Juan Nicasio proving that he can pitch effectively against live batters from another team, we really haven't learned a single thing from an in-game performance perspective. So, let's remember to not be so quick to judge guys based on a week's worth of at-bats/appearances in games that are strictly used by players as a means to get themselves in playing shape and nothing else.

With all of that being said, the Rox have had some pretty cool (in addition to Nicasio) and not-so-cool things happen during their first week of ballgames. This is all on-field stuff, so no Alex White DUI/Ubaldo Jimenez Rockies-bashing stuff will be included. Here's a recap:

Still, we're just a week in. There isn't really too much happening on the field to get too high or too low about. I'm just happy that somewhat-real baseball is back, and that optimism is still abound.

Links after the jump...

Helton won't be recruiting Manning - The Denver Post
It's extremely silly, in my mind, to even think that Todd Helton would help the Broncos lure Peyton Manning to Denver. Maybe it's because I'm not entrenched in Bronco Mania everyday, nor do I care about the Broncos/the NFL.

Arizona Diamondbacks shortstop Stephen Drew taking small steps - ESPN
Jerry Crasnick spotlights D-Backs shortstop and Rockies nemesis Stephen Drew, who likely won't be ready for Opening Day (and hopefully still won't be when the D-Backs come to town the second weekend of the season). Drew owns a career .306/.374/.518 line against the Rox. Hate that guy.

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