Colorado's Starting Pitching: How Much More Abysmal Could It Get?

Now, most of what I'm saying I've pondered before last night's brilliant performance by Jamie Moyer, now a part of MLB history. Despite Moyer going 7 and 2 last night, Colorado's starting pitching is pretty much the worst in baseball. Before last night, it had been 5 games since we walked off the hill after 1 without allowing a run. Down like that, how could any team succeed?

But, as much as I hate it, I saw it coming because I felt the rotation was headed in the wrong direction with a couple acquisitions. First was Jeremy Guthrie. Although we got him for practically nothing, he has been a loser his entire career. NO, I ACTUALLY MEAN he lost more games than he won--no name calling here. And he was called upon to be the ace until De La Rosa came back! He's not even a half decent 2nd starter, much less an ace. Guthrie is 1-1, despite having a 7.79 ERA after 3 starts.

Second was Jamie Moyer. I'll admit last night, he earned. But the guy just has me on edge simply because of Coors Field. Flyball pitchers get killed. Let's remember though--it was the Padres he faced. Moyer is 1-2 with a 2.55 ERA, but he's had tons of unearned runs on top of that, which in my opinion is always on the pitcher because he can get out of it. Moyer has given up runs at crucial times that have just killed our game twice. He's made history, but will likely be history when JDLR gets back.

So I have sat back, and seemingly every game watched our pitcher go 3-5 innings and give up 5-6 runs all season. This is pretty much the quality of outing you should get from a AAA quality pitcher against a big league team, but Chacin, Guthrie, and Moyer all have extended time in the show. BUT, the main question is: why are veterans out there getting hammered?

Alex White has #2 starter written all over him if he can stay sober, yet he's in AAA, and he gave up a couple for Sky Sox in 6 innings last time out. He's got to play right away if I'm the GM, mostly because he and Pomeranz both need to prove their worth now, as many of the casual "sheeple Rockies fans [post 2007 bandwagoners]" as I call them are still hurt by the Ubaldo trade, you know, despite him trying to behead Tulo. White has to be in the rotation if I'm Dan O'Dowd, especially now that Moyer got what he really came to do: get 1 win. By the way, he had a 1.65 ERA in purple pinstripes in 4 games inlate 2011.

Guillermo Moscoso was in my thoughts yesterday about planning this article, but as far as stats go, he's getting killed in AAA, but last night helped his cause. He went 6.2 innings and only gave up the lone run. He could have gone further, but the Sky Sox bullpen is absolutely taking names right now. Moscoso had a sub-3.50 ERA in the American League, which is very impressive, but he struggled in spring. He should be there, and it may even be worth questioning Guthrie's rotation spot.

Chacin and Nicasio aren't going anywhere. Both have had one fantastic and one shaky start. That's what you'll get, so just be sure to win those game they're on, which we have done. We're 2-2 in Chacin and Nicasio's starts. Pomeranz got shelled on Sunday, but he was making his 2012 debut and is a rookie (plus #42 on your back is a little pressure, eh?). I expect Pomeranz could still get to 15 wins, especially with trips to SF, SD, and LAD left in plentiful amounts for this season.

So, yes, I may get shelled myself on here like I have with most of my articles for MileHighHockey, but I would go as far to say that if our starters keep getting pummelled, I would consider looking to Moscoso or White for some magic, and ditch the veterans that are "changing our culture". "Our culture" is still .500 ball, though.

Eat. Drink. Be Merry. But the above FanPost does not necessarily reflect the attitudes, opinions, or views of Purple Row's staff (unless, of course, it's written by the staff [and even then, it still might not]).

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