Saturday Rockpile: Wow. 2012 Has Come To Praising A 6.0 IP, 4ER Outing. It's Really Over.

Jun 22, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Colorado Rockies manager Jim Tracy watches the action from the dugout in the fourth inning against the Texas Rangers at Rangers Ballpark. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

I didn't hate watching Friday night's loss to the Texas Ranger. For one reason, they're the best in baseball, and it's cool to see a team that you're rooting for until the World Series play your team, regardless of the outcome. I think.

I feel like Roy Oswalt has passed the "Prime" of his career and entered the "Appreciation" point, where you want to go watch him pitch because you don't know if you'll continue having chances to.

Josh Hamilton is continuing to impress baseball fans across leagues, and the better his season, the more intense the intrigue.

For the more bitter fans, you can watch Mike Napoli hit baseballs a long way.

And Yorvit Torrealba. I just miss his face.

Honestly, coming into this series, there's no doubt in my mind that Colorado's going to lose, and potentially get swept. It's not meant to be an overly cynical view of the team, but seriously, it's come so far that I never have that gut feeling of "we could win this game!" I come these days to watch opposing stars and watch our own rotation develop.

I made a tweet last night about how Friedrich looked good despite the 4 runs. Despite 4 runs. It really wasn't that long ago when a 7IP, 2ER outing would get that kind of a comment. Not quite a perfect game, but hey, it was a solid outing. This rotation is so epically bad, our last 2 starts were both over 5IP, and I was ready to pop champagne.

This is the kind of season that can break the backs of the fanbase. Todd Helton's numbers are still painfully skewed away from his trademark AVG/OBP numbers, and one has to wonder if he's going to fade away rather than burn out. Troy Tulowitzki, the team's marquee player in Denver, might be back for September. Players who were traded away for young pitching are having at least competent seasons while the Rockies rotation is celebrating when a pitcher isn't posting an ERA above 9 for a start.

I know, I get it. It's a growing season. A rebuild season. A developmental season. But it's really weird to go back to being a team that looks epically bad, but then get dismissed in a forgiving way: "The Rockies are having a rebuilding year". I mean, this team IS the 2004 Rockies, except the 2012 Rockies are on exact pace to experience their first 100 game season in franchise history. I thought we were past that. This was supposed to be a perennial contender.

I feel like I've just discovered that this "kind of" rebuild is pretty much a full one outside of Tulo, Cargo, and Cuddyer (whose acquisition makes less sense at this point, but hey, hindsight!), and letting Todd Helton play out his sunset seasons in front of the Coors Faithful.

A bit melodramatic for a Saturday, I know, but I guess something about Friday's loss really got into my head. I'm sure brighter days are ahead, but the growing pains are making it harder to enjoy the ride.

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